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    mostly shoot rabbits with a .22 cz brno, have a bettinsoli 12 bore O/U for pigeon, crows, the odd fox. Hope to get more into trapping and snaring in the next few months for rabbits, rats and mink
  1. I was looking at buying a camo semi-auto, going to look at a laurona next week. Anyone have an experience with them, heard anything good or bad?
  2. I rang the shop I usually deal with yesterday and he said he has some second hand berettas for in around that price, I'm going to go for a look next week and see the conditon. He said he'd do me a good price on laurona semi's brand new! Anyone know much about them? Can't say I've ever come across one.
  3. Thats all I'll be using it for really, pheasants are scarce enough out my way lately and I have another U/O anyway
  4. I'm not even sure that you can legally get a 10 shot here in Ireland. Seems a bit OTT, sure if you didnt hit it after 3
  5. Thats the thing an auto makes it redundant really. If I could pick up a really cheap one I'd take it just as a knock about as you said. Wouldnt be looking for a 410 either, wouldnt have a use for it!
  6. Looking to buy a new shotgun, I'm looking at a few semi automatics but while I was browsing a noticed pump actions as well. I'd never considered one before nor do I know anyone that has one. They are cheaper but I can't see them being any quicker than a O/U SS. Anyone have any experience with them or opinions?
  7. Is it possible that he saw a pine martin and thought it was a mink? I imagine its a mistake that could be made if he saw it from a distance.
  8. Hi all, I'm living in Ireland and my main interests would be rabbit shooting with my .22, I also do a bit of rough shooting with the shotgun. The main reason I joined is to get more info on trapping and vermin control. I've dabbled in it before but would like to learn more and improve. Regards Del
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