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  1. chrisyboy

    Wanted Cheap Air Rifle

    as the title says wanted cheap air rifle, project it wouldnt let me post in the guns section? :s sorry and cheers for looking
  2. chrisyboy

    Used Shells Wanted

    im after bullet casings no points as i dont have license iv got 12 bore but will be interested in other sizes
  3. hello i am after used shells of any cal. i am looking for these as i have just started to make catapults and am looking to make shooting sticks and even walking sticks and thinks these would be nice decoration on a few i am no professional at it i still learning but if anyone has any used shells after they go shooting or just lying about could you please drop me a message. thank you
  4. chrisyboy

    Cheapest Springer To Rebuild

    How much are they in a knocked up condition roughy estimate?
  5. hello, I was just thinking about getting old beaten up knackered springer that could be a priest to keep me busy over the next few weeks or how ever long it would take, iv never done this before so wanted people options really on what I should look of for what makes are easiest and what not. All advice and tips welcome, fire away....
  6. chrisyboy


    Looking good
  7. chrisyboy

    On The Scrounge

    Haha yeah okay a bad post I know lol sorry
  8. chrisyboy

    On The Scrounge

    On the scrounge again, I am after a old air rifle that I could do a little project on to refurbish it and tune it up, so looking for old or damaged air rifle for free or cheap as possible
  9. still looking for a hob ferret to go with my to jills
  10. looking for a hod in surrey area to go with my 2 jills pm me with more information if you have some available