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  1. Hi anybody know who sells mallard ducklings for next year I want about 300 and prefer them to be 5-6 week old.but would consider any age thanks
  2. Hi everyone thanks for the comments. Due to the cold and snow they are back stronger than ever so good shooting. Happy days.
  3. We have managed to keep our ponds clear of ice and the ducks are back.we are holding another evening duck shoot tomorrow 18th jan we have 5 places left £100 each. No limit as quantities unknown steel shot only but have some here.arrive at 3.30 shoot from about 5 till 5.30 depending on how many and wheather. Place is ox5 2 rg thanks
  4. Just managed to purchase an unwanted gift tonight.i came back charged the batteries up then went in garden to look about looked ok through so started to walk to my field when the thing stopped working.all lights on but can't see through it anybody got any suggestions thanks
  5. Thanks I did think it might be mink or otter as I have seen them in the past.hopefully the floods will drop so they come back and I can get some shooting in before the end of season
  6. Been feeding a flight pond for few weeks and been getting near on 100 mallard in each night.just before Xmas they have mostly disappeared even though the food is still going in.anybody got any ideas ?i am baffled they don't seem to be coming back
  7. Hi I am looking for one of these so if you decide to sell let me know thanks
  8. Ive just watched 70 odd ducks come in on our lake within a half hour window. Wind and rain here .Lookes like our next shoot will be Boxing Day evening.arive at 2.30 for drinks in our cafemthen get set up for shoot then supper after shoot many thanks email me to book in
  9. hi all.i forgot to say but if any of you want to shoot but live to far away we can offer accommodation in the form of BB or we have facilities for caravan and camping thanks
  10. hi barkey i cant seem to pm you .you can contact me on my email ian.pwf@gmail.com thanks
  11. Hi all still places left for my evening wild duck shoot this month.not completely sure what day as ducks are temperamental so we will only hold it when the ducks are confident.we will also hold two in January thanks
  12. Near Horton cum studley.next shoot will be around the 20th December.we have constructed hides which are completely safe from other guns.we read out do's and don'ts before the shoot .i will say again these are wild ducks which we feed in so numbers can fluctuate depending from day to day but we do get birds every day.we have the ability to keep the pond mostly ice free which knobody does which keeps the birds coming in when its minus 7 like its been for two days thanks
  13. Hi all I am organising wild evening duck shooting on my pond the first one is tomorrow 5 th December.arrive at 2.30 for refreshments and drinks in my cafe then shoot till approx 5.30 there is about 50 - birds coming in between this time.we will go back to cafe for food after .the cost of this is £100 pr gun. There is no bag limit.steel shot only please we are in Oxfordshire .please no silly comments just good feed back and responses please as I have not had good experiences from forums thank you
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