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  1. Kevin Hank Collins

    Northern Ireland.

    we should meet up for a trip out padraig. thrs not much around the lough shore unless your after waterfowl and the odd red, although ther is far better places for the reds. keep in touch mate
  2. Kevin Hank Collins

    Rabbits with staffys?

    Cheers lads thanks for the info ;)/
  3. Just looking to meet a few people like myself who enjoy outdoors sport, I also am a keen fisher and fish for pike when I don't get out with the ferrets.
  4. Kevin Hank Collins

    Ferreting lessons

    Fair play to you, young people like myself need good role models such as yourself if only I was closer
  5. Kevin Hank Collins

    Rabbits with staffys?

    I do a spot of ferreting myself but was just wondering does anyone do rabbits with a staff? Iv a wee bitch ther but she's just a big softie but I suppose that comes from being treated like a baby by my mum.. Just wondering so any info would be appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Kevin Hank Collins

    God loves a tryer

    Thanks very much mate. Just having a look around the forums and the website is actually very good, full of useful in formation swell
  7. Kevin Hank Collins

    Northern Ireland.

    Anyone around the crumlin/ Antrim area? That's into ferreting and lamping? I'm 21 myself and wouldn't mind making a few hunting buddies
  8. Kevin Hank Collins

    God loves a tryer

    Hey guys I'm new to the sight and I just thought I'd introduce myself. Currently i do most of my hunting with ferrets, but I'm trying to get into the whole lamping side of the sport. I'm actually on the look out for a lurcher pup to start off my adventures, I'm not in a real rush as I would like to fully understand the responsibilities before going out and buying a dog, as I live in Ireland I want a dog mainly for rabbits but I also want a dog that won't turn tail on a red. I would really appreciate any help some of you guys could give me with choosing a breed and any training tips. Cheers!