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  1. cocopops

    new member

    thanks lads
  2. cocopops

    Dogs Throwing themselves

    id would prefer a dog to slow up rather than a kamakazy at hedges
  3. cocopops

    A nights lamping with don & chief

    good result that well done
  4. cocopops

    update on irish terrier x pups

    it was nice seeing your pups through all the stages of rearing, well done
  5. cocopops

    new member

    hello my names gary im from belfast iv just joined up iv been fishing all my life. an met a few lads a couple years ago doing a bit of ferreting so tagged along an became good friends now i have 4 ferrets an a small terrier mix lurcher, im looking forward to contributing to the site an hopefully learn a thing or two atb gary
  6. cocopops

    small rabbiting dogs

    Good bit of footage mate thanks lads the wee bitch is lurcher x lurcher an in the mix is bedlington whippet collie an greyhound not sure of the % shes a bit head strong around holes an needs to settle down abit iv never had her on the lamp . shes just used for ferreting an marking
  7. anyone make 4ft spun poly with double pegs
  8. cocopops

    small rabbiting dogs