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  1. Chris_W

    bsa ultra setup

    Another PM on its way! Could you meet me at the red jet? [Removed number- that's all!]
  2. Chris_W

    Buying your first air rifle

    Interesting post, thanks.
  3. Chris_W


    Hi from the Isle of Wight.
  4. Chris_W

    BSA Ultra with 3ltr new price

    Still waiting to be allowed to post in a catch 22 situation I reckon (no rifle currently, only interest in knocking off bunnies, skyrats anmd shitehawks on my own land) but is it a .177 or .22 and are you near the isle of wight?
  5. Chris_W

    BSA Ultra with 3ltr new price

    Hi scampanddigger, is it a .22 or .177 and where are you? Cheers, Chris
  6. Chris_W

    bsa ultra setup

    Hi, is it still available, and .177 or .22? Thanks, Chris