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  1. Looking For some permission to fly and hunt my Harris and work my ferrets in the Lancashire area. the closer to Manchester the better thanks much appreciated.
  2. I'm in Manchester and pay £28 for 1000 lol or £8 250
  3. Hi Guys just thought I would tell use abit about my self as I'm new round here. My name is Dean I am 22 years old and live in the Manchester area. I have recently purchased a 16 week male harris hawk and he will be starting training very shortly. So I am on the hunt for a few land permissions to be able to work my ferrets and my Harris hawk. Will be nice to get to no a few of you guys who are local and mayb also have Harris hawks as it will be a pleasure to be able to hunt in cast with my new hawk Rio. Well that's it for now catch you guys later.
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