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  1. NO, but you do need to know abit abut wieght managment etc It also need the relative paperwork. Yes I know but no License as such only A10 ????????????? yes this barn owl does have A10 it has all relevent paperwork
  2. sorry meant to put on previous advert Manchester
  3. Female barn owl hatched 9/6/08 with paperwork anklets and jesses on been sitting on glove and jumping to fist reason for sale son has lost interest £70 MANCHESTER 07841040618
  4. Just picked up my 3yr female harris quite suprised she sat on the scales no probs she weighs 2/13 oz calm before the storm i think any tips to get her weight down would be helpful looked after a mates male through the moult he only put on 3/oz the female has put on 12/oz since i put her down in march fat cow
  5. Staff pups 2 bitches 1 dog Father KC reg mothers not registered bitches are brindle with patches of white dog is broken brindle and white ready end of august £250 ring 07841040618 i will try to put some pics up later
  6. deerhound

    Harris hawk

    Just got some new permission with a few woods in it fhh wont follow on i have always flown her off the fist tried dropping her weight dont want to take her to low she flys at 2/1 if i take her any lower she dosent seem to have much in her engine
  7. Ive been to my loal police station for a shotgun application form the support staff have given me the phone number for firearms licensing the phone keeps ringing out is there any other way i can get a application pack thanks deerhound
  8. deerhound

    perch to perch

    Looks like trouble to me
  9. Thanks W A F september cannot come quick enough for me i never thought i would be wishing the summer months away deerhound
  10. deerhound

    harris hawk

    This last week or so everytime i feed my female harris which is free lofted while she goes through the moult she keeps flying around screaming with the meat in her mouth or sat there mantling it and screaming she isnt hungry i weighed her she is 2/8oz any ideas thanks deerhound
  11. Hi, Deerhound here from Manchester, my interests are hawking and ferreting and I also like coursing. I am in the process of looking for a first cross deerhound/greyhound pup. Doxhope has been trying to help me find one, but as yet, no joy. Glad to see smoochers is staying on. It was helpful to me when I first got my female harris hawk, when my head was in bits with what you should and shouldn't do, things haven't changed much, if you were to listen to my wife. Deerhound THE CODE IS NO MANS LAND
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