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  1. Looking forward to lampin 2night ;)

    1. Bosun11


      Hope your not goin local, it'll be misty here tonight.

  2. no hun he was off me dads mate.
  3. hahaha because its divys like u who make me turn nasty so go away
  4. Oh asif ey. f****n ell give it a rest will ya gettin borin now!!
  5. Carnt really remember hun I'd ad a few stellas lol yer will make decent dogs them out ov gd stock. The father 2 tha is as hard as nails.
  6. Yer me dad was judgin the lurcher show.
  7. Ignore them hun. f**k the haters!! Lol
  8. Yer he was a decent dog bit ov a c**t wid strangers though. Lol
  9. There minshaws abit ov allsorts lol.
  10. Yer me dad ended up wid him. Got loaads ov pics ov him in me dads I put them on later
  11. 4 I've got an another 1 but sum womans runnin him on for me!!
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