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  1. Of course, I know about Islam more than any anonymous ignorant on the web, Those videos seems to be anti-islam. This is a reponce to the slide at [post 3: http://www.testthemessage.com/ Besides,the Quran was revealed to Muhammad pbuh who was an illiterate man who claimed to be a prophet just like Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The question is how do we know he was telling the truth? He was either Lying, deluded or telling the truth: 1. Lying Before he claimed to be a prophet, he was nicknamed “”Al Amin” the trust worthy one as he was never known to lie. People would lie to get material
  2. Hello Anyone here send his videos to National Geographic and they showed it ? Anyone has a favorate video from it ? Pleas post it here
  3. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing !
  4. Thanks eeverybody. I don't hunt myself I just liked National Geographic. It's great. I don't know if anyone can hunt anything in Egypt ? May be one day if i go abroad ! i don't know !
  5. Hello I am from egypt but sadly can't find egypt at the options ! Have anyone here come to sharm before ?
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