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  1. Yeah by law snares need to be check once every 24 hour period, so if i checked at 3pm one day and 5pm the next then the law has been broke. Thats why snares arent really an option for me.
  2. FTB - I`m from Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland. With family and work commitments and also our DIY Pheasant shoot I cant get to the moor that often, only once, twice a week at most, and only a few of us so snaring would not be possible, but yes it would be a good idea if i could be there more often. There is about three wooded areas not too far away that I reckon they are coming from. J18hud
  3. Thanks tegater, dogvixen01, dymented. All good advice, will upgrade to a larger calibre at some stage, but as money is tight i`ll have to use 17hmr and improve my fieldcraft for the meantime. Will give the baiting a go, there is a few areas with little or no heather so a clean shot can be got if i get him into that zone. I,ve read that Charlie likes to use laneways and tracks quite often, in your experience would this be a good place for the bait ? Thanks again lads
  4. Hi Folks, Anyone got any tips on shooting foxes on a Moor, I belong to a group of volunteers trying to increase the Red Grouse population on a Moor, we burn Heather and control crows numbers and now I want to tackle the foxes. I only have a .17HMR CZ Varmint and am aware of the limited range I have. ( - 100 Yds for Charlie) The ground is about 25 mile round trip from me and I usually go out 1 a week so want to maximise my time out there by getting all the help I can. I have read alot about fox shooting but everything I read seems to be in an around farmland, As I am on a mounta
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