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    An Idiots Guide....

    Im in Dorset, between the new forest and the sea! Thanks, i pass a gun shop on my way to work sometimes so i'll hop in there and see what they can do for it!
  2. To the HW35? Needs a good clean (no idea...) and as yet has no pellets - but im a complete newbie so simple jargon please!! (bought it years ago and just found it in the garage.) Just looking to get it clean and take out some targets before we eventually get rid of some rabbits.
  3. Spyro

    Buying your first air rifle

    cheers, just read all this before posting a 'help im a newbie eeejit' thread - has helped a lot
  4. Handsome lad! Not bothered by the shots at all then? Pretty damn good!
  5. Spyro

    New Newbie!

    Hey Im pretty much the ultimate newbie... We have a HW35 in the garage and Im wanting to read up as much as I can (pellets, cleaning, yadda yadda yadda!) before we give it a go Trying to find a shooting range near us but not having much luck. Got our back garden to practice in (high fences with a grass/patio area and then 3/4 of the amazon rainforest down at the back....) and also private land where we keep the horses. So... i have absolutely no idea about anything - everyone seems really knowledgable on here so i thought i'd ask a tonne of questions....