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  1. NextGenerationTrapper

    Some new catties

    hello mate that predator one ? you dont still sell that do you ? and does it come with a double gold theraband ? and how would payment be sorted out ? PM me please many thanks pal
  2. NextGenerationTrapper

    Couple more catties finished

    nice work i do like the RK stag still got that one to sell ? and how would the transaction be paid ? also to be fitted with black therebands? pm me for reply please
  3. NextGenerationTrapper

    fenn trap tips and tricks

    ive got myself a bodygrip trap aswell and havent been able to use it yet im going out sunday with it and will inform on how it goes
  4. NextGenerationTrapper

    fenn trap tips and tricks

    had ferrets before but ive only just started traping you cant tell me that im not cut out for it when i havent even been doing it much if i was doing for like half a year or so and still the same id say fair play and listen to you but im learning so give us a break im learning
  5. hi there im new to trapping ive been a keen hunter with a rifle and a shot gun ever since i remember and im now looking widen my knowledge of hunting and would love to go out trapping one day with a keen trapper im a sparsholt student doing game and wildlife management and think this would give me some more helpful pointers please PM me if anyone is willing to let a newbie tag along and learn. Many Thanks Charles Crane
  6. NextGenerationTrapper

    Looking for bit of friendly advice

    sparsholt lad ?
  7. NextGenerationTrapper

    fenn trap tips and tricks

    i have this problem with my fenn trap its been set off and with a little bit of fur left by the cheeky rabbit!
  8. NextGenerationTrapper

    my first snaring and i saw the whole thing !

    i know it shocked even me! it must have been laying low as i was near it and win i stood back up again obviously it got scared and bolted! lovely rabbit though made a very nice supper and the runs are not very obvious in that field so i set them over the burrows
  9. NextGenerationTrapper

    highams of oswestry gin trap

    gin traps are ilea gal to use in the uk and can only be used as a display piece about the price and make i have no idea just saying to stop you getting done by the Police
  10. NextGenerationTrapper

    my first snaring and i saw the whole thing !

    sorry for the pictures never put them up before but its a start the snares hard to see has the white paracord then goes off to a thin green garden wire but you can just see it in the entrance of the burrow
  11. hello there i snared my first rabbit today and i saw it all i have photos of the rabbit and the snare before after i set the snare i got out the camera to take a photo of the snare so you could all see it and all of a sudden before my very eyes a rabbit bolts straight into the hole and into my snare! such a nice sound hearing the thud of the string and wire becoming taught. we'll heres a picture of the snare a few seconds before it became rabbits killer. and heres the rabbit it caught.
  12. NextGenerationTrapper

    fenn trap tips and tricks

    well i set my magnum body grip trap earlier today and i set that slightly back in the hole to follow the UK law and pegged that down so hopefully I've i catch ill post up some pics i also set a Fenn and snares never trapped or snared anything in my life yet so hopefully tomorrow will be my first ill try and post pics if i do if i ever find out how to!
  13. NextGenerationTrapper

    fenn trap tips and tricks

    what could they be occupied by then ?
  14. NextGenerationTrapper

    need help with the magnum 116 body grip trap

    thanks thats a real help i didn't realise it worked as well like that
  15. just bought myself one and was thinking how could you set it in a rabbit tunnel ? with the spring sticking out the side like it does? could you put it upside down so the spring sticks out the entrance to the trap ? or what any tips would be brilliant cheers