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  1. How come this was moved THEY THINK ITS AN ADVERT FOR A STUD DOG.
  2. speedie i no your dieing to put his name to the list. fcuk it i,ll nomiate TED
  3. hi can anyone tell me if he was a fast up an at em type and were i could get a dvd of him.no messers pls.
  4. sorley if he dosent explain himself leave it till next season and pull him when he,s getting his breakfast with the lads at the fillig station.it would be his last chance to explain it or he wouldnt be eating for a few weeks.
  5. have you caught the bin hoker yet caught the cxxt with a big sxxxxy nappy in his mouth . well at least you no he has a good mouth but useless at every thing else give it to iceman
  6. incy what do you know about the fen land are you looking a dog for that kinda hunting if so this is the cross for ya. they,ll have speed stamina and a good mouth you cant ask for much more of a dog.
  7. have you caught the bin hoker yet if ya do give me a trail wih it and me might have a deal.
  8. incy if you put a good dog over crap bitches it gets the dog a bad name at stud breeding him to quality bitches gives you a chance of good pups and the first few litters are the most important for a stud dog.hope this helps you under stand as i no your not the brigest spark on here.
  9. big skull keep your head down the iceman.s on and his shot getting better. :laugh:
  10. speedie a few clips will help you did say you had a couple we hadnt seen yet get um up.
  11. dont start that crap the topic will be removed let the man get a bit off an advert ffs.
  12. No hes going on a bitch called ginger next week or the week after ,Shes the one on some of those clips i put up do you own the bitch or 1 of your mates what kinda money would be on the pups pm me if you like .
  13. here a potentcial customer he,s behind me if theres any over sorry but you have to be on the ball for well bred stuff.
  14. sorley speedie dosent badins i have a pup outta any time. can u put a clip up of the bitch he,s covering.
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