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  1. you wish you knew who i was if it wasnt for the yanks your limey ass would be speaking german
  2. maybe i should just try to buy a booth dog
  3. alcopone i dont have any dogs from ken. i have only tried to get some info before i spent money. i have spoke to the two guys with the dogs from ken, thought they were trying to hide something now i see.
  4. i dont have any of that blood in my pens, but their is a couple guys that had bought some dogs from ken. spoke to the guy but he wont give the ped on dogs all he would tell me that the dogs name is ken that he bought from gould, and he says he bought a top class bitch from gould, i was told ken told him it was the best bitch ever sent to the states.
  5. thanks south paw the must be down from spatacus line? have you heard much about the working ability,and has he produced anything else besides turbo & troy?
  6. south paw can you atleast tell me this are these dogs pure on goulds old black dog strain?
  7. south paw48 do you know what dogs turbo & troy are out of and what dogs they are bred down from?
  8. seems like alot of secrets about these dogs. secrets are made to hide the truth. what does it matter what it took to get to were you are. what matters is the end result.
  9. Ripstop have you seen any of these dogs and ifso what are the parents like?
  10. is the white on these dogs from the staff
  11. im not the mad yank in question have only been looking for info on the dogs. i have wanted to get ahold of mr. gould but havent been able to locate his number seems like it might be better to ask him about the dogs in question.
  12. was only wondering if they have produced any dogs of their quality. it seems lots of people give turbo,troy&nan a vey good name for work thats all i was saying.
  13. not looking for the big names just wanted to be sure that the dogs sent here are the real thing sounds like they are. have you ever seen the mother to turbo & troy work or the father if so what are they like?
  14. thanks for the help guys like i said i am just very interested in obtaining a pup out of that line. dannymc is the nan bitch still producing pups,is there any offspring off the three of them that have big names like them?
  15. mosby turbo & troy are from england. I have heard that some of this blood has been sent to the states,but i was trying to find out if that was true. i have heard about the scratch dogs in the states,from what i hear about the scratch line there is not much around these days.
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