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  1. Hi I just received a falcon fn8 pistol that needs some work but cant find a exploded diagram any where if anyone has one or knows were to get one please can you let me know Thank you
  2. huntish

    app for android phone

    just put the forum as your home page on your web browser then as soon as you launch it will be straight here
  3. huntish


    I'm looking for a crono pm me what you have
  4. huntish

    AA s400 triggers

    I have looked at a few photos and I cant see a spring in any of them does anyone have a spring on theres
  5. I have an AirArms s400 classic the trigger hangs loose when not cocked I was told its because its an early one the trigger has no spring can I fit a spring so its not bouncing about and if so where do they go cheers
  6. huntish

    HTC desire HD

    still available
  7. huntish


    is it 22 0r 177
  8. huntish

    Airgun BBS

    4 years and they are still a bunch of wankers over on bbs
  9. huntish

    s200 stock

    Hi its the mk2 stock I cant really describe whats wrong it just feels a bit short and thin round the cheek piece would be it just doesnt feel comfotrable
  10. huntish

    s200 stock

    Hello I have an AirArms s200 I really like it but I find the stock uncomfortable can you get any other stocks that will fit the s200 cheers
  11. huntish

    HTC desire HD

    this has an 8meg camera comes with charger/pc lead and box had screen protector since new and has rubber case that protects sides and back £200ono
  12. huntish

    Crosman ratcatcher with laser sight and bag

    am interested but need to see some photos of it
  13. huntish

    HTC desire HD

    hi spennymoor
  14. huntish

    HTC desire HD

    i HAVE A 3 MONTH OLD HTC DESIRE HD on orange £210 or part x or trade
  15. huntish


    Hello I m new to the forum I had a few air rifles when I was a youngster and have just got one again recently.I m from a town in county durham.so hello:)