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  1. A mate of mine in cork keeps a few of them.
  2. Wel mate .wat part tipperary are u in
  3. Fairly poor by all accounts.big ask to try get 3 packs hunt together
  4. Any word on how hunting went today Wednesday .
  5. Alright lads jus wondering will the barryvox pair up with my b&f collar.where can they be got and roughly how much
  6. Anybody using these dogs in the uk or Ireland.if so what are your tauts of them
  7. hi lads jus wondering do people ever line breed springers.wat would happen by giving a daughter bk to he father.i know this works with terriers but does it with springers
  8. go with a springer,im shooting a long time now an have went tru them all,always went bk to the springer,by far best all rounder
  9. hi,what do u mean by green,is that the colour,im size 7 and a quather.or 59cms
  10. hi anybody where id pick up a charles owen beagler helmet,any idea what price they are new,,or where i mite get a good second hand 1
  11. yes it works,had 1 an got rid of it.not a greatt box,was dissapointed wit it
  12. y u changeing bk to a 243 if u dnt mind me asking
  13. i ave a 12 monthh old patterdale,keen as mustard.will stick on anyting on th sod .droped him in a pocket a few weeks ago an he stuck in quarry an loved it.my only issue is that he dont hav any intrest in going down a hole.is he to young to understand.any genuine replys with ur opinions would be great
  14. i have a 11 month old pup ,hes been on a few digs chained up.hes very keen an gives the day barking at the hole.what age do u tink he should be left of an travel underground.im new to digging so all help would be greatful
  15. hi any 1 ever dig with a pieps freeride ,if so what do you tink of them
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