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  1. Mark from your posting Oh and dug this up too, seems this is Kahles making some ZF95 scopes that they claim they dont make, but are happy to tell you they are discontinued!: http://www.opticstal...e_topic667.html Mark: the year was 2004 alot of things happened since then.At the start of that page it stated they are being discontinued and only being built for military contract. If you take a close look at the photos you can clearly see the Kahles logo. It is on Kahles built scopes period. In your ad you say Kahles scope. But no Kahles markings the markings on scope ad scope trace back to Photonic Optische.
  2. Mark: What a crock. If you had read the whole question, It was not about your scope or the cam. It was on the cam on the ZFM on my SSG69 and what BDC. It worked out to be close to the 173 Lake city match, only I used the Berger 175 to match. No matter how many sites you go on or try to mke excuses for. You sold the scope as a Kahles it was not. It was made by Photonic. Look at how you worded the ad. It was my fault for not knowing my scopes and how the lettering will tell the difference. I now know. You are making it seem as though you are all knowing in this matter. The more you spout the less it seems you know. A little more research can help you out there.
  3. Mark: I have contacted Kahles and was told they are not the maker of the scope and was referred to Photonics Optische. With both a Ph# and email. I then Contacted Photonic and gave them the scope serial#. The scope WAS made for the Israeli's No the retical was not a U.S contract retical. The retical is used in different optics since the mid 80s by Photonic. The parts for the Kahles ZF95 Will not fit the Photonic scope.This scope is a discontinued model.Kahles was taken over by Swarovski but does make the Kahles brand scopes. Photonics Optische is a subsidiary of Swarovski. Some of the ZFM in models made by Photonic such as the ZFM 6x42 on the Steyr SSG. I may have still bought the scope even if you had the proper scope supplier. As stated in an email to you I had not seen the scope untill a few days ago. You had long since recieved all funds for the scope before I had made it home to see it by nearly 2 weeks. Regards
  4. Mark: I have finally made it home from work, Long summer away. Had a chance to look at the scope you sent. IT IS NOT A KAHLES ZF95 it is a Photonic scope that was made for a time and discontinued and was mainly for the Israeli market. Parts are no longer available and Kahles parts do not interchange. These scopes come up on Ebay at times and most go for under$125.00 The Kahles scopes on the ZF series ALWAYS have the KAHLES name on the eyepiece bell. You should have named the scope properly so potential buyer's would not pay more than twice the value of the scope. Let me know if you have a solution to the over price and I shall reply here in the forum. Regards
  5. Funds on the way via ppal
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    Just joined the forum a few days ago. You have a great deal reading of interest here. I am Canadian and my interests are Hunting, long range shooting sports and jagd terrier blood trailing dogs. I build the odd long range rifle for hunting or target sports. Most are 308 calibre or 6mmBench rest rifles. Keep up the good work. Regards Tim
  7. Mark: I will take it at the listed price plus shipping of course. You have a message in your personal mail. Regards
  8. check your inbox's for messages sent. Regards Delta1