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  1. Oddly enough I have been reading about pensions today, I was getting a bit worried as I have always worked but they have been part time jobs where I dont pay tax or ni contributions.


    I have paid ni contributions in the past at times but no where near the 30 years I need to get a full pension, apparently if you have 10 years or less of contributions you WONT get a pension unless you make up the shortfall of ni contributions


    This is a big worry for me as I bring in less than 100 quid a week & dont relish the though of having to pay out a sizeable chunk of my earning to make up the contributions.


    I am up shit creek I think :laugh:

    is there not thing if you've done 15 years though your still intitled too some though Kay
  2. just get on the dla bandwagon before yer 65 plus yer rent paid plus the pension,car paid for,foods cheap now.what else do you need

    its not easy too qualify for that any more I damaged 2 vertebraes and 3 disks a while back there and they would not give me dla because I could still walk and was waiting for surgery I ended up living of 70 quid a week sick pay for a whole year I can't see the govermeant in power relaxing them laws either
  3. Iam kinda wishing I sorted it all out years ago we have got the people pension at work and it's never going too be enuf I was calculating the day I'll be 67 before I could even semi retire and that's even if I pull my finger out get my debts paid off and a house bought within 5 years wish I bought some mutual funds or something back when I was younger but it's trying to figure out were too put money the now too hopefully retire a little earlier then 70

  4. How many of use lads have got all your pensions sorted for retiring was looking at mine the other day and there really isn't that much there have any of use self invested for retirement and how did use get on how many pensions have use got

  5. The shirts come up small so order a extra size maybe iam just getting fatter lol but it's k gear I've got the e motion stuff with the flexibelt my brother uses the rough tuff stuff I just find them too warm but it's k bit pricey for what it is though if iam honest but if your not paying its good

  6. Try working in a long hallway go back too basics like puppy basics you got too get the dog interested in retrieving wether it's for reward Ie a treat or a fuss like make it a game make it fun not sure how long you've had the dog but keep at it it should come good with patience

  7. Iphone 4 had mine since the day they came out never had a problem with it it can do everything that all the new iPhones can and is still a good size too fit in your pocket plus with a battery case I can get 2 days with out charging it up get it jail broke and it can do everything a android can do and more

  8. As a nipper in the late 70's early 80's I would spend Sundays at the Grandparent's smallholding. In the field next door, the local model airplane club held their weekly meet. At the time my uncle was heavily into (the then illegal) AM CB radio and he used to spend hours at Gran's trying to get "a copy".

    Now, he always claimed that he had been asked to stop using his rig when the planes were flying as every time he keyed his mic' it would jam the frequency on the planes and they would plummet out of control ( I was only 6 or 7, so he might have been bull sh**ing me). But I was wondering if you can buy a device that might be capable of jamming the signal on a drone? You could watch it drop like a stone, then walk over and stamp on it like a giant plastic wasp! :whistling:

  9. If you do have a stick crack them over the nose seen an old boy kill a beast that way once it got him cornered in a field all he had was a spit bar she dropped like a bag of shit most beasts are just excited when there jumping all over the bit it's the ones you don't see are the deadly ones

  10. Mate if you have a go outdoors near you just go in there, it's know good making your mind up before hand as they have some monster discounts on certain brands, I bought a pair of walking boots last year and they were £150 everywhere else, but 50 percent off in go outdoors so cost £75 never heard of the make before, but I have had them for a season and given them some terrible abuse they are still water proof and comfy and look like they will last at least one more year if not three or four they are made by scarpa, my last pair were north face and they were also half price, so just pop in and see what deals are on

    scarpa make excellent boots it's what a lot of mountain walking and climbing folk where my mates got a pair of the mantra gtx and swears bye them
  11. I've got the 22amp lithum battery and I've yet too drain the battery with one whole nights lamping and that's using a 100w light force if your only out for 2/3 hours I would go with the smalle pack think you would be wasting your money if you got the 22 amp pack if your doing 6 hours lamping def the 22 amp but any less would not bother

  12. Hahaha I have got some sympathy for you just done 2 wardrobes the other week near had big fall out with the missus about them think I threaten too throw them outside and set fire too them 5 times at least yours are not second hand lad lol

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  13. Series question here why led I've seen the pics of these lamps and they look prtty similar too the buffalo river Cree lamps and why not design one with halogen bulbs Iam prob not alone on this don't get me wrong I like the little lamps they don't weigh much even with the battery built inside and they have got a good distance on them the only problem I find with them is you can't see any bloody eyes it's not like you can scan a field pick the eyes out and then get closer with these led lamps it literally scan wake everything up get them on alert for doing a couple of fields while taking the dog for a shit there great but in my opinion they would be a great little lamp if they had a halogen bulb in them even if you did lose the battery time maybe a small bulb like a 50w even if you could get 2 hours out of it I think it would be superior too these led lamps but like other folk have said it's down too how you lamp I think if your the type too walk round lighting the place up like Blackpool it's fine

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  14. See the thing about the ridgeline jackets see if it's like -5 there really good keep you dry warm but any warmer then that there like what every one else says pure sweat traps and like some say if you not moving about there good

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