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  1. wrote post on my phone bud and wouldnt let me upload any but will get some on cheers
  2. hazel Y shape natural catapult fitted with a chunky olive end cap sanded to 1500 grit comes with a yellow target and a blue hunting bandset both fitted with a light soft leather pouch this is a quality catapult more than worthy of taking game from wood pigeon to rabbits using 12mm lead/steel ammo with the blue hunter bandset and smash cans to bits with 9.5mm steel ammo with the yellow target bandset. £15 + £2pp
  3. hi folks im looking to buy the above in the nxt week or so was just wondering what you lot thats watched them think to them! whats the quality like? are they an good watch or am i better off buying another set if so could you tell me which ones thanks in advance .....
  4. HI guys folks. looking for some help ie: pics or designs of some home made boxes im looking to build myself a small and light carry box for two ferrets. i have most of the materials apart from door hinges and lock. im looking to use 5mm ply for lightness and 10mm latts for the frame. just after afew ideas of how to put it together and what nails/screws i should use as i dont want the bugger to split (just my luck) cheers folks........... run_rabbit85
  5. I guess the dogs are going to take the bullet literally for yet again irresponsible so called dog men!! True dog men dont leave there dog behind no matter what the situation sickens me knowing folk do it If ya aint man enuff to step on a mans land without his say so and when caught ya cant man up and take whats coming dont do it simples.......
  6. edited pmsl are you for real? now bill hayes thats a different story there and prooven. gamekeeper john does not edit his videos shooting wise its all been seen at the sheffield shoot how good he is and he even makes all his own cattys sells hundreds monthly. top bloke to shooter in my eyes
  7. sounds good that might have to try it nothing worse than trying to part a rough coat atb mick...........
  8. same as mentioned above open jaw place pill as far back as possible rub throat job done my bitch will not have them any other way so this works 100% for us
  9. should do mate i tend to cut the thicker ones then shave it down a wee bit give it a good sanding and a good few coats of spray polly leave her to dry band her up and of we pop job done
  10. i no ther a gen company mate i was saying that maybe some feckers copying them and trading on ebey
  11. Seems to me some of the ones on Ebay could possibly be copys in a ucaller box with a ucaller stamp on the handle like the lightforce. Shame like as they look genuine enough with a good solid tough feel. Very good replicas if so as i was easly fooled by the way they looked and felt just didnt perform as we expected with a very wide beam like flood with a dull tight beam in veiw everything in site vanished as soon as ya had a quick blip even with the 100w bulb fitted it was just a brighter flood beam with a tad brighter tight beam in the middle even moulded a peak to the end with black perspex that then was only good for the tree top woodys n catty :whistling:
  12. was it a ucaller 170 you bought mate and where from? my mate got one off ebay for 50quid it had the twisty head (spot to flood) fitted a 100w bulb and still lit the fecking field up what ever he did with the head so that got sold he now has one of the culites only has normal beam but 10x better that the crap he had off ebay beam wise anyway. i no another lad who bought one off a website same lamp totaly different beam altogether
  13. flats last longer and are twice as fast as the square. if ther of rob they will be 25mm to 20mm gafer just orderd another catty off him cnt fault his craftmanship will only buy off him and gamekeeper john. if ya tie them down to 6inch without cutting them if that lenght dnt work for you ya can always retie them to what ever suits without wasting the band set mush when i used singles with lead ammo at the standerd length they came in they was great for 9.5mm steels target plinking but hunting they didnt seem to knock oat down with a body shot so cut them to 6inch and what ever game i hit even bunnys they did the trick
  14. ok buddy do you use straight cut or taper 25mm to 20mm? a lad i no has been doing abit of experimenting with the crony and found that a 20mm to 15mm taper generates the same power as the 25mm to 20mm just with an easyer draw he sent me afew band sets to try and find the new taper alot more easyer to work with as ya dont get the hand shake when at full draw or even with singles cut them down to about 6inch pouch to fork and still nock game stone dead atb mate
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