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  1. great day at ashfeilds some cracking dogs...

    1. miss lurcher bitch

      miss lurcher bitch

      yes there deffo was i had great wkend there

    2. jackobo


      did you show any of your dogs ?

  2. just got back from ashfields lurcher and terriers show great day out and some good dogs....

  3. cheers lads ill post one up when he is 14 months atb....
  4. will defo find a use for him and when he turns 12 months ill start to condition him loose some of that pup fat...
  5. yea i see the parents dam was 25tts and sire was 23tts both are working dogs ill get the breeder to post me pics and ill put them up both were bully looking lurchers as in big head slim running bodies... but ill post up soon as
  6. yea you are probably right but he has had good few if i wanna give him another gear running in the future what would be best to put him over he is 23 tts at the moment 10 months...
  7. only has slight bit of whippet in it, he does look more bull but when running is very quick and defo dont run like a bull... na no staff blood of either parent..
  8. my bull grey x bull grey whip works well on lamp prey drive through the roof... what you guys think..
  9. if you dont like the dog dont comment on it!!! its a f*****g ten month old pup its puppy fat its not like the dog is been run by the side of the bike 2 or 3 times a week ffs when he starts geting worked and run his body will look more racey and he will just look like a big headed bull x mate your exactly right its i aint gonna be running the nuts off it at 10 months after a year ill start to work it and trim him down you always get one idiot on here though i suppose lol cheers pal
  10. cheers and yea he should loose a few lbs running around just dont wanna push him to much till he has developed a bit more, yea he is 24 tts and 60 lbs so probably get down to about 55 50 lbs
  11. who goes out round harlow..???

  12. cheers lads ill keep you posted with the upcoming season
  13. had a few mate not alot dont wanna work him to hard to early, but is coming on good still plenty of time
  14. He is dam was bull grey sire was bull grey whippet, 24tts 60lbs dunno how much growing left in him though.
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