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    just wondering if anyone had any aiming advice when using a catty?.. i fire a catty horizontally and had a look on the web. It says that you put the top fork on the target just wanted to confirm this info? cheers Staffy
  2. Just wondering can anyone give me any advice?... ive started making my own cattys and when i fire them the elastic comes back and hit my fingers.. could this have anything to do with the size of the elastic, handlt or how far down the elastics attatched??? cheers Staffy
  3. Staffy1993

    Making a slingshot/catapult

    how long does the theraband need to be? thanks staffy
  4. Staffy1993


    Right people as i started this thread it feels my place to upload a picture lol... finally took myself to the local firearms dealer and purchased a black widow on friday morning was out for about 2 hrs and came face to face with a pigeon. A nice clean neck shot i was chuffed . Ive also started to mess about making my own catapults. luckily i came across some old cieling fan fittings (Perfect shape) after attaching the theraband the results were deadly!! Any advice on elastic/handle size would be great because when i fire the catty if flicks back and doesnt half do some damage to your hand and fingers! thanks staffy
  5. Staffy1993


    Lmao yeah just draw a rabbit around the cracks.. going to get my black widow in the morning hopefully by tommorow night i will have sum pictures on have bin a gud shot with a catapult foir a couple of years now atb
  6. Staffy1993


    just wondered if any of you catapult fanatics/masters have any hunting pictures in which you would like to share? thanks Staffy
  7. Staffy1993


    welcome to THL mate Staffyy
  8. Staffy1993

    Working staffy advice

    A very nice staff mate! mine just starting to show his build hes slim and has long leggs not 1 off the big bulky things thats y i would like to work him i think he will suit the job
  9. Staffy1993

    Working staffy advice

    finally someone on my level!! cheers mate
  10. Staffy1993


    Well on a previous post i was askin about advice. But i think im just guna take him ferreting for him to try n catch a few bolting bunnies not really interested in high numbers just something to keep him fit, active and to keep his brain ticking.
  11. Staffy1993


    Sorry theres only one picture guys havent been too snap happy with him. But i will post some more pictures of the boy later
  12. Staffy1993

    Tips and help for beginners

    I often teather my owl and harris hawk in the back garden and within a space of 15 mins the trees around the garden are black with crows.. seriously there is loads all the time.. David Fox or other garden centers sell plastic bird garden ornaments best bet is get any that look like birds of prey and put them where you are hunting. The crows will come and sit around them waiting till they think there is enough of them to attack the BOP.. trust me u will bag a lot of crows & maggies (only if your a good shot mind lol)
  13. Staffy1993

    Working staffy advice

    its just basicaly to keep the dogs mind going and keeping him active, most of the time i will be putting purse nets down for better results Good to see the Staffs being used , and you never know he might suprise us all ,ATB cheers stanleigh
  14. Staffy1993

    Working staffy advice

    its just basicaly to keep the dogs mind going and keeping him active, most of the time i will be putting purse nets down for better results
  15. Staffy1993

    piggin magpies etc

    I used to have an alottment a year or so ago and the reason i dont have it any more is because i was seen (on my own plot) shooting rats with an air rifle. It wasnt because i was shooting rats it was because i had a firearm so the answer your looking for is... leave the rifle at home lol Welcome to the forum mate