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  1. Lovely sporran Tom, hope you get a decent offer for it, Del.
  2. Thanks to all for the advice and help with my decision and i think im going to pop into the local gundealers and have a look at a new escort thanks all
  3. thanks mate i was just looking at the escorts because there a good price heard a few good things about them and its a good price plus also get a couple years warranty with it being new
  4. Yep that what i use Beretta 391 never miss a beat what sort of price to those go for second hand ?
  5. For a semi that going to cost you around £330 new its a good buy, not my cup of tea but i do have one in the gun cabinet thats not be used since i got it second hand, but does make a good cheap back up gun. thanks alot maybe should save up and maybe get a berreta semi ?
  6. Hello all im thinking about buying myself a new escort semi auto and woundering if anyone out there has one and what they think of it. thanks
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