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  1. Ha, yea! i used to live ona farm, i found rats to be very clever. I still remember my first he ran out grabbed a bit of cat food and ran back out of sight. Second time ran out picked another bit up and looked right at me.......... ahhhhh ok they not that clever. .......
  2. Cheers peeps fingers crossed will do!
  3. As i posted earlier, was having trouble finding grounds to shoot over, so i posted an advert in mole vally farmers for free pest contol, rats, rabbits, crows, e.c.t The ad only went in last weds, had somebody phone me this morning that has asked me to got sort out her rat problem, she says her barn has loads in there and she want me to knock the numbers down a bit.... cant wait got my night vision zeroed in, i just have to wait for her to move her horses in next few weeks, will post some pics if it all goes ahead ok, hopefully get a few more in the mean time, fingers crossed x
  4. My AA s410 carbine loves the AA diablo field pellets 16gr with some pellet lube added, it also shoots very well with accupellets. groups inside a five pence piece at 35 yards, wind permitting.
  5. v nice deadly thats pretty punchy for an air rifle
  6. Thx and yes, all the s410 range are great guns, even if i am a bit prejudice........ There are many great airguns out there today, we are spoilt for choice, i like the look af the bsa,s and the daystates also.
  7. Hello again peeps,ok i think i go it it sussed, i was trying to download a file that was too big hopefully this will work The scopes are 3-9x 40 zero option, illuminated mildot, the others webley 3-9x 40 and a set of vomz nightsights with illuminator both rifles are s410s carbines, one with a tawnado stock, my favourite! They are both 2.2 cal the moderators are 1x air arms and 1x logun. Thinking of adding a bipod to the pair.
  8. ok im not sure how to do this but here goes hmmm im having trouble downloading my photo will post as soon as i suss it out
  9. Hi peeps just joined, I am a keen airgunner i use an air arms s410 2.2cal, i live in the bridgwater area somerset, but i am finding it very difficult to gain any permmision to hunt or even target shoot,would greatly appreciate any advice on this matter.Seems like a common problem for many people, i have been to many farms around the area with no joy as yet,i have tried a new avenue of gaining shooting grounds i have put an advertisment in our local mole vally farmers with a note saying free pest control, rats, rabbits, crows e.c.t, i will keep the site informed if i have any success,i will also post some pics of my set up as soon as i can find my camera,till then happy shooting...
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