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  1. ditto burnie69 thats exactly the system we run but with a 50x50 run.some people put a 1000 in but i wouldnt do it.
  2. photon with doubler lens and adapter,iris reducer if used without doubler. t20 i.r torch 3 mode with pig tail and coaster for easy focus.£380 posted.
  3. turns the water milky,and if you dont clean the drinkers everyday it leaves a white slimey film in the bottom.but it is very effective and is a lot cheaper than fluby.
  4. fenzol also good and cheap.£24 for a litre @1ml per litre of water.
  5. dont know what vets you chaps are using? but from what i have just been reading danw knows his onions,use a poultry vet. caradox is for enteritis all you are doing as a preventitive is stoping the bacterial enteritis which can then lead to hexy. most game birds carry hexy and coxy and other nasties at acceptable levels that the birds are fine it takes a "trigger" like enteritis or bad gapes or any of the other minor nasties to start the secondary infection i.e. hexy. 99% of birds will die from dehydration as danw says treat with a rehydration at same time like solulyte.
  6. good quality mounts make all the difference mate.
  7. where is the law that states u cannot shoot geese with an air rifle?morally wrong i agree and would not even think of doing it.but u cannot get in trouble for it.
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