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  1. patterdale333

    shot gun licence

    thanks for the advice guys i rang them today and waiting for a phone call back but took the advice and joined basc just to give me a fighting chance has they have alot off money in guns off mine and dont want to loose them.
  2. patterdale333

    shot gun licence

    hi am after some help i add my licence revoked 6months ago due to a pending court case and i got found not guilty can i appeal against it or do i have to re apply for it thanks in advance
  3. patterdale333


    Can only send to phone
  4. patterdale333


    Quad zilla it's a 300cc
  5. patterdale333


    Quad for sale it's got a bike engine in it runs and rides just needs new battery but can be seen working just needs jumping all lights work but no key has last owner lost them it's been off road £400ono
  6. patterdale333

    Galvanised Panels

    How much for the lot
  7. patterdale333

    Dig Deep

    Would rather keep it than let it go for that price
  8. patterdale333

    Dig Deep

    Dig deep throw well back in mint condition 100
  9. patterdale333


    The fell terrier D.Brian Plummer £20 tales of a rat hunting man Brian Plummer £20 more tales of the old poachers John Humphreys £5 all in mint conditions
  10. patterdale333

    Dig Deep

    For sale dig deep throw well back £100 in mint condition
  11. patterdale333


    Any pics mate
  12. patterdale333

    For Sale

    It's on ebay
  13. patterdale333

    For Sale

    It's on ebay
  14. patterdale333

    For Sale

    Dig deep throw well back in mint conditions £100
  15. patterdale333

    Vauxhall Vectra

    For sale vauxhall vectra estate 1.9cdti 07 plate mint condition 6speed cruise control 142000 on clock £2000 Ono