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  1. Yip u must know well if u wound a lion ,leopard or buffalo the dogs are the best tool to find wounded animals and the hart pumping action ..............well that u can only feel for yourself u cant tell no one the feeling and i love that feeling "my hart pumping" nice pic lol www.blackdeathsafaris.com info@blackdeathsafaris.com
  2. Hi extreme hunter wel now i know what u have been doing and its sound interisting all the traveling u done what did u hunt in mozambique tell us the story i would like to hear it as hunting story's are nice to hear thanks
  3. Have Jack russel Pups for sale 1 female 4 email memale

  4. Would like to know how many hours have u spend in the african bush
  5. Hi all members I would like to introduce our company to u ,My father and I started about 6 years ago catering for local and overseas Hunters as a hobby now we have turned it into a family business ,We Hunt in two Provinces in South - Africa ,Limpopo and Kwazulu- Natal, Plains game and some Big Game, We also hunt in Zimbabwe, Gwai Matetsie area, plains game and Big Four as we do not Hunt Rhino. Our Web page is still under construction but I can forward u a price list just to get an idea of what we have on offer. All the Hunts will be assisted by me or my father between us we have
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