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  1. ledders666

    Savage Axis .243

    Hello. £400 or make a sensible offer. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. ledders666

    Savage Axis .243

    Savage Axis .243 Laminate thumbhole stock Hawke eclipse 8x56 scope 30mm tube Warne mounts Sonic 35 Moderator Excellent condition no more than 40 shots fired. Located near Bath. £400 ONO Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. ledders666

    Folding 4.10

    I have one. I will send a pic and the info of it later. I'm based near Bath is that close to you? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Nightvision monocular with built in IR illuminator. Everthing works as it should. The focus ring is a little loose but this does not effect its performance. I regularly used this for spottimg rabbits 50m away and with an additional illuminator 150m away. Its a great tool for night shooting http://www.scottcountry.co.uk/products-Cobra-Nemesis-Night-Vision-Monocular-Gen-1-4276.htm £95 posted
  5. ledders666

    Airarms S200 Mk3 .177

    I did yes me and a friend bought the same airgun, and have both upraded to .22rm so we never use the airguns now, so both are being sold
  6. ledders666

    Airarms S200 Mk3 .177

    I have my S200 for sale, it is in good condition and works as it should, it come with the AA silencer and a Hawke Sport HD 4-12x5 scope, owners manual and stock removal tool and charge adapter. The gun is located in the SN13 postcode. You are welcome to come and view it first. I can send over specific photos if you want to see certain bits. I am asking £240.00 and will consider offers but no swaps. Thanks Josh
  7. ledders666

    Barrel Cleaning And Accuracy?

    What does the meths do?
  8. ledders666

    Barrel Cleaning And Accuracy?

    thanks for the replys, Im not sure what to do with mine as I now only get it out for one shot for a deer but if that first shot is going to be off zero then its not going to be great to be taking a shot at a deer with. Perhaps I will leave it dirty for the next couple of weeks as I know its now accurate untill I shoot a deer then clean it before storing it for a couple of months and just put 3-4 shots through before I take it out again to make sure, good practise i guess anyway to check its all accurate before taking a shot on a deer. Im using Sako rounds which I believe to be good quality, I did try Privi ones which definately did corrode in the silencer after leaving it for a very short period.
  9. Hello, I have a .243 which since owning I have shot about 30 shots with, when I first got it I put 10 shots through it to zero then cleaned it thoroughly with pads and barrel spray until it was clean then another 10 before cleaning it thoroughly again. After that it was cleaned and put away until I shot a deer then it was cleaned after the 1 shot. I went out today stalking but ended up putting 6 shots through it on to paper, I noticed that the first shot was 2-3" high then the other 5 were really good grouping. I have heard that cleaning the barrel can affect accuracy, is it possible that the first shot was off as it went through a very clean barrel compared to the rest? and if so is there a way a round it as I take my rifle out to shoot a deer then its put away for a few months until I want another. Thanks
  10. ledders666

    Air Arms S200

    Still available. PM or call if your interested. Im open to offers
  11. ledders666

    Air Arms S200

    Its in .177. Yes the tools and adapter are included.
  12. ledders666

    Air Arms S200

    It is shooting at factory set power. sub 12f/lbs
  13. ledders666

    Air Arms S200

    Air Arms S200, very good condition. Includes Air Arms Silencer and a Hawke panorama scope and mounts. £275.00 ONO. Located between Bath and Chippenham. 07500 029251
  14. ledders666

    Cleaning A Roe Buck Skull?

    Hello, I have a roe buck head I want to clean back to a skull. I have watched this video http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/videos/deer-trophy-preperation-part-1-36434 which is great but he removes the jaw bone on the full skull version, is there a method of leaving the jaw bone on or reataching it? Thanks
  15. ledders666

    Hw77 .177

    now sold thanks