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  1. a true honest lad if any one is buying out from this lad, genuin and honest. I got a coat off im and well pleased with it, cheers budy. p.s any trousers let me no
  2. good idea these pedlers nead pinning up on a pedlar pin up bord.
  3. what a total nob head. 6shooter give me is address and ill go hammer the c**t. that lad neads a realy good kicking,i will be quite happy to do it with joy. i saw snoopy geting sold and even then any 1 could tell this polo is the defition ov a dog pedlar,i thought a dog was ment to be there for life not somet that should be rushed into, he will be a fuxxin dog theif as well no doubt GIVE ME THAT c**ts ADDRESS ILL MAKE SURE HE WONT BE A PEDDLAR AGAIN.
  4. as above realy does any body no off any one thats planing a litter, a im wanting a blue boy merle pup prefereably 3quarter grey 1quarter collie. good working lines im willing to wait for the right dog so its not a rush thing but good cash is waiting for the right dog any. thanks hope the right dog pup i find
  5. (fight the ban) i do agree that the full post is a shambles mate, the dogs been owned less than a month. ide never get any dog if there wasent any room or time and commitment that neads puting inn and that i couldnt afford a dog. then i wouldnt even get dream of geting any dog and puting it through a shit life. its just like kids geting passed from pillar to post dogs should be part of family f***in to**er
  6. lol. i wouldnt dream off geting a dog if i wasnt init for the long run pal thats what people are geting at and the dog having a new owner every two mins
  7. im sure that deerhound had been for sale a couple off weeks ago and now its back up for sale again.
  8. hi i remember a while back seeing a bloke that upgraded lamps with a hd bulb if anyone can refresh the post i would be very greatfull atb big oz
  9. have you got any pics ov the pup mate big oz
  10. got 6 pups left if u no [NO TEXT TALK] mate includin that blue 1?

  11. there is only certain coppers that are clued up most ov them are stupid c**ts and havent a clue what to look out for the hunters, but on the other hand there are some that are proper clued up coppers, either way they are smelly horrible people that should lock up the proper crimials, instead ov shaging while there geting payed. plus voilating the public.
  12. thats what should ov done a citizians arrest haha
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