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  1. Your thinking of the eastern boys and their jagd/teckle setups - couldn’t be further from that. That is not an artificial earth artificial earth is actually dug into the earth, approx 1.5/2ft deep, minimum 2 entries/exits and one chamber west facing, good drainage, water source nearby, on a slight slope, dog-leg angle on tunnels to minimise draft, chamber doesn’t have to be massive tunnels lined with field stone and small slabs over the top (I put plastic feed bags over slabs Before filing in chamber lined with breeze blocks and big old style concrete slab as top all internal walls lined with stone/blocks to stop natural digging of stop ends or further tubes the guy that showed me how to make em said the idea was to make em like a five star hotel instead of their usual drafty, damp, one bedroom flat once they all filled in apart form entires/exit holes they should be no sign of em only other thing I do is set bigger stones at entrances to make a narrower entrance to try and make it fox only if decided by land owner otherwise all are welcome Some perms I remove stones and get iron grid (made by blackie) hammered in over off season somenstay open all year round depending on land owner takes Half a day to make depending on ground and access for slabs etc. 4 sites with 3-4 artificials at each, 2 sites one week, visit other two sites following week Some yield better than others which input down to location. I tend to find a double chamber with 3 in/outs works the best This works for me and is what I do each to their own. bolts can me netted or shot any game contacted will usually be drawn out dispatched or near enough remember not to accidentally set a grid on exits before popping in your Glen though, it blocks the escape - if you get my drift
  2. I find it just as hilarious that you think just because it’s a “terrier” it’s meant to work a natural earth why would a draw dog work a natural earth? Some glens heads aren’t spanable let alone their bodies
  3. Yes you have crossed your wires - nothing illegal about artificial earths
  4. Left Perth years ago - I worked sheep there for a few years at Pitlochry back home down south now
  5. Have you even ran a proper decent artificial? Nope - didn’t think so commenting on something you know nothing about I can guarantee once I lift the gates on my sets that they will hold - dogs get work, people pay to shoot, land owners get what they want sit down little boy and go play pretend hunter with your boyfriends
  6. Thank for proving my point “keyboard hunter”
  7. This forum does attract some total dross - posting little faces rather than issuing an opinion. i take it “rabbit hunter” & “w.katchum” both have working bred glens? glens have large bodies and big heads, many (not all) natural earths are to small for them, trust me - if your a total twat you could just use em as a draw dog - probably what you pair would do tbh an artificial is a great way for a glen to earn its keep - plus it’s an easy way to get them in front of stuff when younger you idiots need to realise the Glen was never a dog to be dug too - they are a trial dog! Have you ever seen a Glen once it’s been “on game” around another dog? Not what you want around a days digging that’s for sure
  8. What you “haha” ing at rabbit hunter?
  9. Does he use them in artificials?
  10. £1000 for a 3 yr old working bitch seemed fair - I got his purchase price confirmed from breeder (in Ireland) and also how much he spent getting dog shipped over - then upkeep for 3yrs, and the fact she was working Didnt seem unreasonable - the guy defo had best interest in mind! I don’t think even if you did churn pups out you’d have that much buyers - it’s not as if the terrier lads can dig to them. But over all I agree £1000 is a hefty chunk for a working dog
  11. They are out there - I was offered a working bitch about a year & 1/2 ago £1000 was the price - didn’t have the cash
  12. I’ve seen videos of this dog - looks crazy strong
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