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  1. im from darlo and my dogs rip cats apart when they get hold of them wether it be in the street or garden its still gunna die the cats are hard as feck up here only two days ago my muts are on the lead and the cat came over and started hissing and clawing at ma dog so i let it have a scrag of it then pulled him off does that make me a wanker?? tell you what is wank the same c**ts who moan about it should keep their f*****g cats under control on a lead and out of my garden if they did then maybe ma dogs wouldnt wanna rip them apart!!! i dont condone "cat coursing" but if theres one jumps out on the dogs when they are on leads then its brave or stupid either way its getting torn apart im afraid!!!!!! squirrels are nasty little feckers too there teeth are huge an do damage to yer mut lol ma dog got one a couple of week ago if i had the pic on the comp id post it lol good fun to watch if yer dog dont mind getting bit back you get loads of grey ones in south park darlo.....
  2. have to agree, swimming is excellent for a working/running dog i used to swim mine 2 times a week and walk/run the lure for the rest of it if i was racing him then id either swim him 1ce and lead walk the rest or just take him out and give him a few long slips that seemed to keen him up no end and when he hit the track he would fly
  3. aye think you may be right bout it not being for me lol i dont tell anyone anything....... i ran my dog and he won 3 off the bat in the 440m one by about 4 lengths lol i never ever bet on him anyhow i just like running him (i think im fecking daft too fellas) anyhow this guy comes over n asks me how i get him to run so quick when he usually runs about 26-27secs lol my mate looked at me as if to say tell him an il kill ya so i piped up well before i bring him in i talk to him in the motor telling him he has to win then i said i spin him round and shot me finger up his ass n give the command chase. the look on the guys face was awsome lol you could tell he didnt know what to think, i told him i put him in the trap and as it comes up i shout chase and thats him away scared he's gunna get me finger again lol, i was totally convincing him when me pal burst out laffing like mad the guy told me a was a little c**t lol so i told him the truth 2 20minute walks on the lead a day n leave him tied up in his kennel!!! went down like a lead balloon but hey thats what i got told when i got into it some people are just daft lol
  4. id like to put my grey in this but wouldnt have a clue where to start???? bet he'd do ok though as ive started him on the fields how do you go about getting your dog running in it???
  5. to be honest with you fellas i dont really enjoy it that much? dont know why but i think its a bit pointless travelling there running in one race and going home again, dont get me wrong i love to see my stan run but ive stopped going now as id rather try and build his stamina up then run him on the fields after something with its own mind. i guess im just a lurcher man through and through lol as above i love watching him run even though it sounds like im a bit of a miserable c**t lol. i appreciate though that the tracks are dying out which is a total shame when you see how much the people who run it put into it but if its what you wanna do then go for it you got nowt to loose
  6. allright rob, yep i spose it would be a bit wierd if he didnt leave them although tere are some fast lurchers out there, it did have bends in the course though lol hence coursing not straight racing lol he did well to win and went to the track on the friday and won again in the 440m he has turned out to be a decent dog even though he's still a young un im going to start him on the lamp tonight so will have to get me finger out and get cracked on lol see what he's like on proper game i know he does cats!!
  7. forgot to put a pic of him up heres me dog stan
  8. alright people, well lets see what can i say?? i decided to take my grey along to a lurcher show where they do that simulated coursing, never said anything to anyone just went and entered him, ran about 16 ties and wiped the floor with the lurchers they stayed with him until the firast turn then mine just opened up and left them for dust gaining the whole 450-500 yards he went on to win it so id say yeah you can use a grey to course as well as track im doing it lol the only prob was after he had finished he got stiff and started limping poor sod he was right after 2 days rest and is racing again next week after i have been out looking for bambi this week i have landed a beauty cheers fellas
  9. any good post this is, in my opinion which of course means nothing at all lol i have both lurchers and a greyhound id say yes you could use a greyhound to course however be prepared for toe and frequent leg injuries also they do not seem to last as long as a lurcher can although the speed is rapid they lack the sharp turn of a lurcher when sat behind a long ear and often turn like the arc royal would...... again just my own observations, i will let you know by xmas if its possible to do both as mine isnt gunna be used for track 100% i intend to work him and see what he's like on things that run and bite back see how he goes id rather him be a worker than on the track however wrong time of year and young dog makes more sense to run him as he's winning a few now so fingers x'sd he'l do well in both when i do start taking him after the first cut
  10. alright mate, to get into them just goto a flapping track or a proper stadium and get talking to people i did and ended up with someones problem dog full of worms and fleas cost me nothing, that has become (in the short time ive had him and for his age) a real beauty running well and keen as mustard. theres plenty of people on here that will probably help you out as i say above am just into them meself so stil ent got a clue what im doing at the track but if you have lurchers treat them like one its working ok for me lol you will find though they get tired much much quicker and can't go for as long but are proper speed demons and i see why they are the main make up of a lurcher, what ever you get wether its a dog like mine for free or you pay 25k for one the dog can only do so much on its own its the time and effort you put in that will get the results your after, i am not a big believer in the bloodlines as best to best dont bother me and before any one has a go all im saying was linford christies mam and dad sprinters?? NO, was muhammed ali's folks boxers? NO agreed it might help in getting the shit out the bloodlines however im a firm believer you can take a crap dog and make it into an average one and an average one into a good one not a world beater but good enough, so therefore would never spend a lot on a dog anyway. once you get your dog are you going to school it yourself or put it through a trainer? i think it has to go to a trainer if your wanting to run it on the proper stadiums but i cant justify why you have to put it in there when i can do it all myself for free??? i think thats how it works?? see am new to this meself lol if your just going to run the flapping tracks as i do at the minute until the season starts again, then just let it be a puppy when its about 10-12 month start to find a track and take the dog up there get it used to the noise of other dogs barking and going mental if you can get hold of a trap feed it in there make it become an enjoyable place for the dog to be, if you have a lure then once the dog is used to going into the trap pull the lure past and open the trap let the dog out itl soon get used to coming out i did it with my dog as he wasnt getting out fast enough or enjoying going into it ,he's still not brill at going in but knows what he's doing when it opens, it only takes days not like some i heard of saying its weeks but then i have a lot of time to put into the dog hence why i think im getting loads out of him, biggest thing is to let the dog be a pup and just bring it up as you would a lurcher. when its time to goto the track i think most i have spoke to take them to watch at about 10months onwards i put mine in the trap for the first time at 14 1/2month most just hand slip them still at that age off the back straight as the lure comes past then they are praying itl run around the first bend loads of them dont and ive been told its nothing to worry about as they are still just big pups basically lol the people at tracks will help you out no end the ones at my local track are proper friendly folks and make it an enjoyable experiance to go there you can ask anything on advice about your dog and they will tell you loads and loads its an info overload lol but really straight forward. i got my dog at 14month he was a wreck honest to god thats no bull or trying to big meself up, took the old owners an hour an a half to get him back the day i had him dumped on me at bicester schooling track down in oxfordshire (id been out hunting with a mate for a few days and thought we'd give the dogs a final burn out before coming back up north) they ran him a sprint went to get him he coward away and ran all round the track trying to get away, they caught him as i say about an hour an a half later and he got a proper good hiding then just flung in the van which ripped a big tear on the inside of his back leg, i wasnt happy at all so said something to them next thing i got a greyhound in the car coming home wtf lol i have spent 3 months on him feeding him good quality food worming and de fleaing him, had him micro chipped (cause you have to to race) training him so in 3 month he is at the point where he dont want to try and kill other dogs anymore, cats, rabbits birds maybe the odd horse! yes but my lurchers are the same (not with horses), will walk by my side off the lead wherever i go, recalls to the point now that after a race he will have a go at the lure for a bit il shout and give a little whistle his head comes up and i say howay son he'l come to the inside edge of the track away from the other dogs and owners and wait for me to get there for a pat on the head and bit of fuss now to me that is the best feeling in the world considering he would not do anything when i first got him late february, you put that together with the fact he has had 4 races, the sprints he got 4th, 3rd and 1st and friday gone ran a 440m and came first by 2-3 lengths even nearly falling on the first bend i dont care if he comes last as long as his times are improving cause i know he isnt the best dog in the world but with the knowlegde i have from training and entering saluki x lurchers i wont go to far wrong. just treat your dog when you get it with a bit of respect, give it love and it really will want to please you no end wether its on or off the track good luck with your search and i hope this reply (i know its bloody long lol) helps you out a little bit if theres out you think i might be able to help you with just pm me itl take a while for me to reply (about a fortnight) but i will eventually cheers
  11. silky has a good point there hence why i walk mine and run him on the lure alongside my lurchers, he hasnt got loads of muscles like others you see at the track he is a racey dog and only small at 27 1/2" he is fast enough though, i find you cannot get them fit with just road work or letting them off for a galop about for 20 mins you need to mix it up hence to condition him i have put him on formula along side the redmills gear which to date is working, i take him out (if i race friday) monday on the lure 4 slips straight line thats it, tuesday 4 slips again then rests until friday just getting lead walked for around 45mins and 15mins free walk (he wont just run off when let off the lead he's a cracker) i get him home feed him then spend about 1/2 hour rubbing/relaxing muscles and brushing him then he is free to wonder round the garden with the lurchers till 9pm when he comes into the house for the night. i have found a perfect routine that seems to suit him well so far, so am sticking with it, mines only a baby (17month) has just started racing in the 440 first race friday gone he won by 3 lengths am well chuffed with him coming along well, he has also raced in the sprints 4 races and came 4th never ran before with other dogs 3rd the other 2 were flying and 1st in three races, however i had my reservations about him being a sprinter since i found the sire and dam (1 was long and the other middle distance runners). i am by no means any sort of expert and do not claim to be i talk to people on here and ask what they would do in my position sometimes i go with them and try it out other times i dont but its always nice to find folk that are willing to help you out, this is my first pure grey and i could/probably am doing something wrong for other peoples liking but its working a treat so if it aint broke?? i am a lurcher man and thats what i love doing mooching about with the lamp, all im trying to do is to build his stamina and all round condition to the best it can be its all about putting the time in and you'l of heard a billion times before you get out what you put in be adaptable and try a number of differant things like road walking a few days, lure coursing, or having it around other dogs to get the feel of running with them mine has come on leaps and bounds as i say since i started running him along with the lurchers as in the first sprint he was nervous and bullied by the other dogs and was lucky to get 4th, trial and error is the word im looking for lol you will find something that works after a while just stick with it you know your dog better than anyone else. good luck in finding what works for you
  12. lol to be fair though i went out back in late 99-00 and got caught over scarbrough way there was about 7 of us and yep you guessed it we were done for tresspass and gang poaching by 5 or more members fines £100 at pickering courthouse i think it was and sent on our way..... wouldnt care but my dog chased a hare 3 fields turned it inside out ran it all the way back and the hare squatted in a bunny hole my dog stood over it, sniffed and just turned and walked back to me lol i caught nowt but bloody cold could of killed the dog like but ce la vie they were some good times back then shame the old keepers were about watching us they the feckers that called the bobbies an a fat lot of use they were the word numbskull springs to mind lol the video is canny good its funny the way they must hear the copper chopper and leave the lad in the middle is on it right away turns and walks off lol i think the reason people get caught like that is cause of all the do gooders they must be like bill oddie cause i have (in the past) poached and if your sensible you can be there, kill and gone in a few mins no one any the wiser wether theres you or 7 of you, in my own opinion it seems that where there are areas of hare and deer that people know about then they watch them so soon as people are spotted with a lamp by the tree hugging brigade the cops are called and you become instantly as bad as one of these feckers that stalk kiddies , obviously your arrested, court and gave community service its a joke yet you kill a hare and you get your dogs n car took, big fine, driving ban the whole book is thrown at you the country is a joke, so in the eyes of the law a hare is worth more than a deer?? seems that way dont it?? i prefer venison to hare anyway so yeah too right il poach deer if i have to and no copper, government, do gooder will ever stop me, they can take alot away from people but the end of the day they can never ever take away anyones right to be an asshole (am deffo talking from experiance) its impossible as you have your own mind. This country needs to do something to put the GREAT back in britain as we are nothing but a country full of pussies, we take in all the shit from other countries, house them, feed them, give them our taxes, free mobile phones i can go on an on but you get the picture yet the man next to you who has been born and bred held the same job for 35yrs just bin made redundant (due to the fecking polshkies who now do his job for 1/4 of the price) is told he can get £60 or so a week dole but as he served in the army and went to places like ireland, iraq (the first time), kosovo, bosnia and gets a pension can infact only claim £32.74 a week..... WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT I ASK YOU??? when on the news its telling everyone that we are bailing republic of ireland out of shit sending billions to pakistan/india same shit to me and now promising japan we will help in anyway we can CHARITY STARTS AT HOME FELLAS NOT SOME 3RD WORLD SHITHOLE IVE NEVER BEEN AND WILL NEVER GOTO, would they help us if it was the other way round??? would they bollocks all these english lads and lasses living on the streets is a disgrace when tuck tuck sing the asylum seeker has a 3 bed detached house in suberbs of london, nah its all wrong they are just money grabbing t**ts these people that get voted in power, promise the world and deliver jack shit, take cars, you buy a car which you pay tax on, you then have to tax the car, then you fill it up with fuel which is again taxed, then you need it mot'd which is only valid for the time its in the garage getting it done!!! more money grabbing out of our pockets its beyond a joke how the hell you meant to live when your just taxed for breathing!!! robin hood had the right idea with the sherriff it boils my piss............. if i could type whatever i wanted on here without fear of old bill turning up at the door telling me im racist, against queers, peado's and child molesters, smackheads,tree huggers, ethnics claiming asylum lol, it wont be long before those riots that went on in london happen again and again smashing shit up why havent the fellas who's lively hoods depended on vermin control marched down there?? imagine this everyone in the country who owns a fire arm (legally of course) or is into hunting marches on london without telling the cops with there loaded fire arms pointing them at anyone they want surrounded by us commoners that dont have or cant get firearms certificates then what would the police do?? another bloody sunday?? no cause there ent enough of them to do anything about it and we would be human shield pariament would have to listen to us then wouldnt it?? jumped up snotty thieving scum thats all they are, you cannot tell me for 1second that the queen and her lot don t hunt wi dogs anymore?? if you do then your chatting pure shite and you know it.... oh my i think i gone on a bit here so am gunna shut the feck up and have another beer then get me head down... ps) sorry for jacking the thread this country just pisses me off so much!!! .
  13. im sat here laughing my arse off that is a beauty, i was expecting them to get get jail time but no....... pissy community service what a result, goes to show me one thing the hunting bill is a load of shite and lads will still go and do what they want the stats for the last 6 month were good too, 1100 cases of hare coursing and only 50 cases of deer in lincoln thats great lol the rspca bell end looked like he was gunna cry lol what a post
  14. thanks again bluediamond i have had him chipped now and he ran again last sunday and qualified so now he is entered to race on the 1st april lol should be fun am looking forward to it even if he isnt lol
  15. lamping lurchers you know nowt about me you ding how do you know all i see is ££££ eh your obviously a fool dont bother replying it'l save you some time as i wont respond you pratt. blue diamond, cheers for the reply i took him to the local flapping track in the end and gave him a run the people there were very very helpful although he wasnt the fastst there he did ok for a young unfit dog and some of the other pups of similar age didnt even run never mind see the trap lol mine started from the trap and was off so least im half way there i thought it'd be a nightmare to get him back but nope he came straight away i was over the moon i have been told if he does a similar or quicker time the next time then he can be marked up for racing at that track so he is on a get fit quick regime hope it pays off?? aye they also told me about getting him chipped so il do that and the only trouble with the ear tats in mine is i can read the mk2 but i ent got a clue what the hell the other mark before the m is??? really really bad and i dont have his papers although if he does a good lap im going to do all i can to find the mans number out!!!
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