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  1. Little beauty, hope they get the life they deserve!! Atb
  2. yes you can.pets and workers Your pics say it all!!!! nice lookin dogs too!!!!
  3. Know my Terriers and having had your (line) of terrier [bANNED TEXT] would like to travel to the right place to see about a pup
  4. Life is a journey, not a destination!

  5. good lookin pup, atb finding gd homes
  6. hi dont suppose you still have the year old jills do you?
  7. hi dont suppose you have them still do you? I am in somerset. Cheers
  8. Hi to all of you, was wondering if any members are from the somerset area that work their ferrets? It does seem a silly question given the prime countryside and this being a hunting site but hey have to start somewhere!! Have a good day one and all....
  9. Hi everyone, as you can see I have just joined this site in the spirit of freedom of choice and of picking up useful info and maybe even meet some like minded people!! So for now I will say have a good day I am off to bed
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