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  1. Cheers for your advise guys great help!
  2. Not worried mate lol! Just intrigued
  3. Cheers thanks for your help!! Any clue on the eye colour??
  4. Yeh off lead. Is this not a good idea then? I am new to this
  5. Got some rabbits in the field just flicking on a few. While taking her out for wounder.
  6. I have just got my first running dog whippet/collie x terrier. When out getting dog used to lamp it's eyes seem almost blue where as all my other dogs seem normal orange colour? Is this just because a pup?? Or normal with running dogs?
  7. Where abouts in dorset are you?
  8. To be honest i don't introduce a lot of new hobs mate, but the last ones, just went in the main court with their mum, when i stuck them all together again for the winter, and thats usually how i do it. If i bought in a hob kit, over summer, it would go in with the jills, not hobs and then meet the older hobs in winter when they all went in together . Hope that makes sense. Yeh makes sence. Thanks
  9. Do you introduce new hobs during the winter or do you just stick them in when ever and let them sort things out
  10. What are peoples views on keeping hobs together all year round. can it work?
  11. I had a jill this year with mastitis, its the first time i have come across it. Has any one else had a jill with mastitis before?
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