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    No wonder the country is having trouble, no good solid British traditions to keep people in touch of their identities anymore. I mean if you can't shoot yourself with a crossbow because of your nationality what's the point eh?
  2. Fng


    Is it still the case that British men are required to practice archery for an hour on sundays or was that repealed? At least i've heard that was a law.
  3. Fng


    Right. Thats 1x Crossbow on the shopping list... Slight issue that i'm half english half welsh. Do i shoot myself? Not much sport in that really. Suppose i could give myself a head start or time to hide?
  4. Fng


    Any recommendations or advice on how to "get into it" regarding this stuff, i'm pretty new to it all. Also have no idea what kind of animals or whatever are about there. Appreciate the replies
  5. Fng


    My dad's just moved to that area (hereford/wales near crickhowell i think he said) and has expressed some interest in hunting/field sports but i've no idea whats there to shoot at and neither of us are hunters so i thought i'd ask on here if anyone knows. If this is in the wrong place apologies. Ta muchly lads/ladies. Cheers.
  6. Fng

    First Gun

    Sorry to be "that guy" but do you need a licence to use the air rifles you guys mentioned? And are they all powered by Co2? (i know nothing about them as you can probably tell) Thanks.
  7. Fng

    Crossbow energy

    is bow hunting ilegal in the uk?
  8. Fng

    super powerful catapult bands

    So i'm a noob to all things hunting/outdoors (you have to start somewhere right) ... is this legal like i know there was those blackwidow slingshots it think they were called those aren't 'legal' are they? anyway cheers for any reply
  9. Fng

    Roe stags

    Hey guys i didnt want to start a whole new thread so i thought i'd ask here if thats alright Pretty much the same as the original, have no rifle (never really shot) want to have a go at a deer or something, anyone know anywhere near North London? And from reading this thread alone i'm starting to learn theres alot more to this then "see deer, shoot deer" is there any help/advice/books etc or any threads on here you guys can recommend on all this stalking stuff? As you can probably tell im a complete newbie to all this. Thanks muchly!
  10. There are exams for this kind of thing? i thought you just shot a deer and thats that?... but thats what you'd think when you've never gone a'huntin'
  11. erm, for what i was looking for (information on licences and the like) i've found alot of good info, so for me its been good :)

  12. ow r u bud m new t site masen iz it ne gud

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