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  1. hello i have 20 4ft hand made spun polly purse nets. they are brand new and have not even had pegs put on them yet. they are yellow at the top and bottom 2 thirds with yellow in the middle third. 65 posted for the lot. will split Tom
  2. hello selling this for a work colleague who has recently been laid off due to not enough work to keep 2 people on fortunately i was the lucky one. he has come into some money troubles and unfortunately his shotguns have had to pay the price and now this. he is selling his BSA ultra single shot .177 tactical PCP air rifle. the gun its self is in mint condition and had only been used for paper punching in his back garden. it comes with a guntuff 6-24X50 scope and mounts. a rws stirrup pump and fill probe. a unmarked scope that he bought off me as a spare a 2 gun hard case and a fleece lined gun slip. it also have a webley qgs silencer which is the quietest i have ever heard well out does my hogan and the hw. he is looking for 420 posted for this lot as it is all in mint condition. pm me for his number or any questions and ill ask him and get back to you. Tom
  3. i didnt mate got to be carefully giving kids sweets etc these days i know where he lives so i will pop round and see his mum tomorro and see if there is a toy or anythiing he has had his eye on to say thanksyou. so glad she is back its only a ferret i knowbut iv got wuite atached to the little thing lol Tom
  4. well thang god have found her today. a young lad about 7 came to my door saying he had saw a ferret and saw the sighnes i had put on lampostes and said it went in to a garden. i knocked the door and asked if i could have a look let the lurcher in she was marking behing a compost bin and low and behold there she was munching a fat worm. got her back in the hutch and all is well. i have also baught some nice bulky parlocks gor the gate and court. thanks for evryones kind wishes Tom
  5. thanks evryone i have out the next box out. i have kept one of her kits she had wouls it self if i put him on the other side of the nest box and left the other side open? Tom
  6. dno mate wouldant like to be who it was [bANNED TEXT] i get hold of then. feel so sorry for the oor little bugger its pissing down outside. do ferrets ever return home Tom
  7. didnt think anyone near us was against it mate. dont even have a clue who it could be. Tom
  8. well got home from work today and found my ferrets have been released and the back gate left open so i am pi**sed off to say the leaste. i struggle to see why people do it. they think keeping animals in a court is cruel yet they realease a domesticated animal in to the wild that has not had to fend for its self and think its nicer for it. i have found one jill and one hob but still missing a jill. my best worker too. if i find out who has let them go they wont be walking into my garden again thats for shore. rant over Tom
  9. as above in .177 cal harley used 35 posted rmsd. Tom
  10. up for sale again is my s400 .177 gun only this time.im looking for 290 posted for this. its in good condition and comes with a muzzlebreak. i can also include a silencer for an extra 25 thanks Tom
  11. no sorry mate £290 is the lowest id take im affraid. thanks Tom
  12. hello me again yet another old scope iv found in the depths of the cupboard that might as well go to a decent home and raise a bit of cash for the r10. it was sold to me from a website as a jsr 3-9X50 scope. now on the box i had it said jsr but it does not mention it on the scope it self. the scope has a very nice and fine milldot and is paralaxed at 35 yards. the optics are Crystal clear and good from 10-70 yards. I'm looking for 35 posted for this as it really is mint condition. comes with bikini covers. many thanks Tom
  13. same is my mtc viper 10X44 scope. its in good condition and comes with evrything that is comes with [bANNED TEXT] baught brand new. the scope is im good condition and there is only one very monor and i stress the word VERY a it is tiny. im looking for 100 posted. thanks alot Tom
  14. its a .177 and is a single shot but can do the multi shot conversion for an extra 30 Tom
  15. for sale is my bsa ultra with a scorpion breech and bolt. gun only no silencer, scope, bag e.t.c. 290 posted o.n.o many thanks Tom
  16. for sale i have an air arms s400. gun only no exstras apart from slip on muzzle break at the end of barrel. 290 posted o.n.o many thanks Tom
  17. i have had a clear out and here is all the spare bits i have for sale at the moment. 1) air arms silencer. the slip over grub screw type, mint condition hardley used £30 2)one set of high 25mm tube double screw hawke mounts £20 3)one rowan 8 shot conversion kit for air arms s200/s400 £40 4)one nikko sterling bipod 6-9 slind stuf fitting. £25 all prices include postage. many thanks Tom
  18. 370 posted anyone? bargain Tom
  19. 410 posted offers also welcome
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