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  1. I suppose whats in your carboard box is a prolific allround, day/night on any quarry or are you referring to the other experts with sensible answers. On a positive note burned her for 10 miles across the fields today and she's got plenty of gas in the tank kept my saluki on his toes. Main thing is she's now at a good home little bit of work and I reckon she'll be right come september.
  2. Picked this 18month old bitch up for free this weekend previous owner was struggling with her and the poor bitch spent most of her day in a crate. Hardly walked claws needed clipping and feet are still pink but she's eager to please and walks to heel off the lead has excellent recall which is nice as I've only ever had lurchers that are at least 1/2 saluki, she's got a very strong chase instinct to so possible potential and if not she'll keep my Saluki X in shape out of season. The previous owner said she was whippet X bedlington/greyhound, having never had a dog with beddy in it I'm not
  3. Ellesmere Port dog track mate , Greyhound racing Wednesday and Saturday time trials Sunday morning. The one I went to is ran by the Afghan hound association is just for fun and is on the first Sunday of the month . Usually a few lurchers and salukis as well as Afghans border terriers collies and even a Borzoi you can go head to head if both owners are happy. My boy loves it ! Cheers Paul
  4. Took my 3 year old Saluki boy to the track last week for a couple of time trials to help keep him in condition whilst we are out of season and I now live only 10 minutes walk from the track . As soon as he spotted the hare he was well kean which surprised me as it doesn't have any fur on it ! He ran two 100 metre sprints in 5 seconds and a 260 metre in 18 seconds not bad for only his second attempt . He lost a bit of speed through the bend in the 260 so I reckon he could get that down to a low 17 not far off the pace of a greyhounds 16.5 to qualify . Going to try him over the longer 46
  5. She's first cross Saluki/greyhound.
  6. He's 15 months old Saluki x saluki/collie/whippet. Keen as owt runs all day long and the only Saluki x I've had that comes back to recall first time I'd say his only downside is he doesn't get on with other dogs too good and he goes mental if someone new comes in my house.
  7. Couple of pics from Sunday with my pup Cheers
  8. Saluki X Collie/whippet/Grey, stands at 26" he'll run all day . He's solid the car hit him at 40mph , 40+ stitches a fractured skull but now stronger than ever ! sounds a good dog mate , lucky though as not many if any dogs can take a hit from a car going that fast and survive atb with them J/D Left me short of £500 at the vet , he is now wary of cars which can't be a bad thing .
  9. Saluki X Collie/whippet/Grey, stands at 26" he'll run all day . He's solid the car hit him at 40mph , 40+ stitches a fractured skull but now stronger than ever !
  10. Dubber just turned one keen as ! Nando aged 3 hit by a car 5 weeks ago chasing a squirrel fractured skull but now back in the game ;-) Lyla aged 2 soft as shit 90% of the time ! Beddy/Grey X Whippet Caught out by the frost ?!? Cheers
  11. Cheers , they can be hard work sometimes , should've learned my lesson with one saluki but trying to control 3 of em is ninja !!
  12. Im off work at the moment with a broken hand and the boredom is really starting to set heres a video i made of a few pics of my 3 dogs . They're aged between 1-3 , all scenes that fall foul of the hunting ban have been omitted :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CVCrHEf8IY
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