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  1. I've had this gun far longer than I care to remember and still have the original receipt/certificate from the factory. It's in the loft at the minute in a sling but I reckon it's probably a 1987-89 model and is in good condition. Having started to get interested in airgunning again, I am interested to know what people might think of them as a hunting rifle and what it might be worth if I looked to sell it. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the responses folks - sorted now.
  3. Hi, I've got a pair of 8 month old patterdale pups after not having a dog (lurcher) for 10 years or so and my vet has told me about lungworm. I've read a bit about it on the web as I'd not heard of it myself and can't seem to find tablets for it other than those the vet sells at £20 for a 3-month supply! - my back garden is overrun with bloody snails and slugs of all descriptions so jst wondered if any advice/experience of this thing from other forum members? Thanks, Ringe