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  1. Don't suppose your coming down Kent anytime soon?
  2. perron

    cocker spaniel

    pm mate
  3. Hello all, my uncle has given me a beretta a302 for my first gun but he has lost the chokes for it, it has 1 in it that has 1 dot on it, he said this is a full choke, i would like to know where i could get a couple more chokes for this gun as i have been used to shooting with 1/2-3/4. they are the drop in type not screw in. Anyone got some in a cuboard somewhere? cheers, perron
  4. perron

    cocker spaniels for sale

    pm mate
  5. perron

    2 dogs for sale

    can you ring me mate on 07946064060 cheers
  6. perron

    2 dogs for sale

    can you give me a ring mate on 07946064060 cheers