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  1. kirk224

    some more drawings for sale

    fighting cocks now down to £60 any one interested pm me
  2. for sale the one with the 2 dog heads is £50 and the fighting cocks is £70 all are 1/1 no prints have been taken from them so you will not see the same as it pm me if interested
  3. kirk224

    j darcy

    so how some people go on if they are not on any site like this when i have had no email saying whats going on all i want to know is when is it going to be here not after any piss takers
  4. kirk224

    j darcy

    just wondering if any one has an email for him or a tell number as my book still as not come and yes i have looked on his web site for it and its not there and i have had no email or any thing like that i placed the order on his web site and when i put my order number in it comes up nothing but it has been taken out off my bank i read on here some poeple have it and some are still waiting for and they is a three day delay well its a week and still no book rant over so if any could help with email or any thing. :wallbash:
  5. kirk224

    deer book......

    does any one have a email for jd as my book still has not come and just wondering when it is going to posted ? as i have not had a email yet or any thing
  6. kirk224

    deer book......

    i am still waiting had no email saying when it will be sent out or what is going as it was for a birthday pressi last week so not very happy
  7. kirk224

    My 3 Runners

    nice dogs mate look in good shape
  8. kirk224

    darcys new book has anyone read it?

    its delayed, wont be posted before friday oh bang goesw my dads birthday pressi oh well he will have to have it late. just wondering how yoiu know it late (thebigdog)
  9. kirk224

    darcys new book has anyone read it?

    just wondering is any one still waiting for there book ?????
  10. kirk224

    darcys new book has anyone read it?

    still waiting for mine to come hope its comes to moz
  11. kirk224

    Pakistani aseel stag

    very nice bird how tall do they stand
  12. kirk224

    Pair of pakistani aseels

    load them onto photobucket first mate then try should work then