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  1. Getting prizes in from sponsors Dog blitz for leads and collars Dog feed sponser Chapel farm dog feed Still more to come thanks guys
  2. That time of year again All major qualifers plus prizes from great sponsers Terriers lurcher and whippets
  3. Prob start 1pm but I'd get there for before 12 to get parking
  4. My daughter won champion terrier with btan she won crossbred dog aswell had good day good craic wa friends well run show and weather held off
  5. Young buck I've bag or two of dog feed for ur show either prizes or raffle bud
  6. Sunday 19th Aug 2018 Held at the Galloway game fair Terrier and lurcher classes All major qualifiers Sponsored by Chapel Farm dogfeeds Prizes donated by animal transport boxes plus other dog feed donated by Skinners Dog feed plus leather goods as prizes for both lurcher and terrier winners
  7. Contact terrier tran on here stuff is good gear
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