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  1. springer man


    Nice one I'm a bit like you when it comes to technology will take the destruction book when I do it fingers crossed I will be able to do the one shot zero Take care Dave
  2. springer man


    Do you think a flat rail would have made any difference as they are about 85 pounds Cheers lads appreciate all your help
  3. springer man


    Thanks for the feed back I was thinking of getting a rail for it I also tried a pice of pipe lagging to raise comb a bit was it much of a pain to zero by the way well done on the foxes we've got to much going on in our fields at the moment crops that is and when we do see them as soon as the lamp hits them There gone that's why I got the550
  4. springer man


    Just fitted 550 to my A Bolt it is sitting really high on the rail and I'm having to lift my head off the stock I'm just wondering if any one has had the same problem thanks for looking
  5. springer man

    Browning 325 Advice

    Hi there I've had a325/mic for years they are a cracking gun I've never put steel through it as I was told they are not steel proof saying that they are one of the better brownies really well made but in my opinion not proof for steel my was made in 1978
  6. Sounds a nice bit of kit what sort of distance can you get with them any good on top of a 223
  7. springer man

    Night Vision

    from what I can remember they were about 265
  8. springer man

    Night Vision

    Hi all went down to the west of England show yesterday it good as always was chatting to Pete on the night vision UK stand what a nice guy had a look at his nv builds just wondering has any one tried Petes builds I'm interested in his spotter any feedback would be appreciated
  9. springer man

    Photon 5X42 With Doubler

    Morning is this now sold f not would you please pm me
  10. springer man

    Photon 5X42 With Doubler

    Hi is this now sold
  11. springer man

    Photon 5X42 With Doubler

  12. springer man


    Is this scope still for sale or not
  13. springer man


    Hi could you tell me what reticle it has thanks
  14. springer man


    Hi all iv got a litter of 5 week old pups they just started scratching cant see any fleas but there is some sort of what looks like scabs i was wondering if this is were they have been pulling each other around thanks for looking Dave
  15. springer man


    Hi all looking for a vet in hampshire that docks thanks for looking