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  1. Got a new permission on Saturday night off a family friend, great spot a farm next to a golf course so the rabbits are used to people and by the looks of it never been shot at because I was able to take shots without scaring them off. After bout an hour I'd bagged 6 bunnies and a woody. Then today after work had a look at one of my uncles fields after him telling me bout a black rabbit he'd kept on seeing. A quick walk down the road running along side it I'd spotted it. So I walked back to the car picked up me ultra walked around so I was above where he was but couldn't see him but laid eyes on one of his friends first, once I shot him the black one ran out and stopped with enough time for me to take a shot. Happy me!
  2. What do you do when bunnies try and get their own back
  3. boba-ferret

    Help/advice needed for pest controlling mice

    Can't they don't want dead mice up and Down the shop floor
  4. Hi wondered if anyone on here could help. Im after getting rid of some mice at a local supermarket and been doing it by hand an trap so far but was wondering if i can use my ferrets to help? The problem is that boss of the super won't let me use them unless I can give him evidence that a license to use ferrets isn't needed (using ferrets for money/merit sort of thing I dunno) . But I'm struggling to find anything on the subject. Any help?
  5. boba-ferret

    Feel sorry for them two lads

    sorry i removed them as much as i wanted you to see them i didnt think i should have left them on my cousins weddin vid but here they are sorry bout that, UNKNOWNACC0UNT02 has made a comment on Matt and alisons Wedding dance: Everybody, watch this user as he just threatend to rape me. BEWARE OF HIM. want proof? message me. UNKNOWNACC0UNT02 has made a comment on Matt and alisons Wedding dance: And oh yeah, he just admitted to me he is in this video. Talk about trying to be innocent. Mind you not many peados admit to what they really are at the end of the day. That's his problem. Sorry just didn't think they belonged on there.
  6. boba-ferret

    Feel sorry for them two lads

    Oh yeh and this is the e-mail i got back from him, Suck your ho of a momma. HAHA I hope I do meet you so I can pay a peado to f**k you.
  7. boba-ferret

    Feel sorry for them two lads

    Can you believe this guy i sent him an e-mail via youtube and this is how he reacted, by calling me a peado on the comments page of a wedding video i posted, just goes to show how much of a idiot he truly is. Please feel free to tell him [bANNED TEXT] you think of him
  8. boba-ferret

    Feel sorry for them two lads

    Well they have more patience than me if anyone were to threaten my ferrets they wouldnt be lasting long. They where only acting hard coz they had a camera knowing that if the lads where to do anything that they would just show their side to the police, [bANNED TEXT] tossers
  9. boba-ferret

    Feel sorry for them two lads

    Could someone not post the vid up on here or back on youtube ??