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  1. Just wondering if anyone's got a copy of Purdys progress. Fancy having a watch of it. Thanks
  2. Looking for a bedlington whippet first cross to put over my whippet. Working dogs only need apply. My bitch won't be in season until March ish but starting to look now so I've got chance to see prospective mates. I live in North Devon but would be willing to travel a bit. Cheers
  3. Wish you were closer just the type of dog I'm looking for but a bit far to travel from north devon.good luck with them.
  4. hi all im after some fiberglass poles for a 100yard longnet at a reasonable price.any ideas?
  5. looking for a couple of jills to rear for next season. I live in north devon but can travel within reason.Cheers all
  6. 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull, can't agree more with you there on the sheep but i keep a few chickens and he seems to be getting the idea what he can and can't do.
  7. Took the pup i got of parapete for a walk on the farm behind my house and thought we'd better do a bit of stock breaking.Just a few pics of Fugly and the cows to show how it went.cheers all
  8. sorry all but didn't get chance to fish today as it was a pea souper round here this morning so we changed venue and just messed about at westward ho! can't wait for a clear day and have a right good go at it.Still looking for some tips as to what lures to use aswell..cheers all
  9. hi all going kayaking in the sea tomoro off hartland quay anyone got any tips for lure fishing chears
  10. whats the mileage please the milage is about 160 000 ish, had a new engine fitted under waranty by ford at about 50 000 due to engine problems.
  11. Had the same thing happen to me at weekend, got to the bottom of the problem though. Wife borrowed it and didn't even leave me enough to get to the petrol station split arse
  12. 52 plate Red ford transit 100 T260 swb £1800 inc VAT. 12 months MOT 6 months Tax. Company vehicle which i no longer need as 2 vans is to much for one man.Tow bar and electrics and a extra twin seat in back which can be easly removed in not required.Vat registered company so all above bored on that front.
  13. My little fella bought off parapete on here. Can't wait for vaccinations to clear and get down to it proper. He's 13 weeks now and called Fugly.
  14. alright fella absolutely gutted for you, i had a staffie that escaped from my garden 2 weeks ago and got hit.I was out looking for him most of the night in the fields and farms behind the house and up and down the roads to no avail. Then got a phone call in the morning from the vets saying that the police had brought him in last night ( my heart sored ) but unfortunately he had been hit and severed his nerves in his back, so his from his ribs back was knackered.had to go and have him put to sleep,held in my arms as they did it. Which isn't nice at all, but couldn't let him go out on his own.A
  15. just checking is it alright to give the pup liver as in to much iron and vitamin A ?
  16. Hi just wondering what you lads think is the best complete puppy food for a 3/4 grey x bull. the vet give us science plan medium dog but not to sure. going to be giving fresh meat n eggs as well when possible, but complete food is a lot more practical. cheers all
  17. i'd go for the gsxr 750 x grew as i think the 600x would be to small and the 1000x would be hard to train.
  18. try goan fish curry,loads of recipes on the net. have a friend who worked o the boats and got us a bag full for a couple of pints. i agree with freezing them,but make a descent curry though, but dot over cook them.
  19. yes the one with the birth mark is still there,lovely dog but i saw the blue and couldn't resist it . nowt wrong with the others though all fine dogs.petes done well with them.1/4 bull 3/4greyhound, parents lovelly dogs to.cheers
  20. Hi hope this works i got a new pup yesterday off para pete just thought i'd put some pics up.
  21. Cheers pete, picked pup up yesterday and must admit he's a little cracker.mother and father to him are corkers as well, beautiful temperament as well.only off putting thing was the picture of the naked blokes on the conservatory wall He's settling in fine and will try and get some pics up if possible. .Tomo's right also the one with the mark on his head is sound as a pound well they all are really
  22. hi all, going looking at some pups on monday and out of interest just wondering which in your opinion makes the best worker? Dog or bitch.cheers
  23. Cheers all, put my mind at rest. I'll keep an eye on it
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