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  1. Guys I seems to have developed a problem, maybe even just today. Was at the range this morning with my son where we had a great time shooting my .22lr, .222 and 6.5x55. We came home and I started the task of cleaning. I noted as the put the jab down the .22lr barrel there seen to be a free section, like as if you had exited the barrel but then it would tigthen again like the rest of the barrel, it was a 1 1/2 section. I check the outside of the barrel and oh no! there is a bulge in it. The rifle is Ruger bolt action I think is 77/22 or something like that in stainless. The only think I am aware of that could do that is to fire a shot without cleaning out any previous oil. What do you think, is there other reasons????????? Big Dog222
  2. Hi guys. I was reloading my 6.5x55 tonight to get ready for a deer stalking trip this weekend. I note that some of my brass (Federal) which I have used serveral time before, when I put the primer in it drop out again. The last day at the range I note some primer had drop out. Anyone else find this?? Can the brass expand at the primer end?? Thanks
  3. Guys just interested if there are any hunters from N. Ireland on the forum, who hunt rats and or foxes with terries???????????
  4. Big Dog222

    Pat with broken leg

    My bitch Nell got her stiches out today. The operation so far has been a success. The steel plate was fitted and she need to live a very low life until at least Christmas. It is hard keeping her calm as she is a cross between a Pat and a monkey . She out for this season and as she is just past 2 years this would have been a great season for us both. I have shot 2 foxes in the past 2 days and no dog with me.
  5. Big Dog222

    Pat with broken leg

    Thanks guys your experiences are reasuring.  The vet call me at 1830hrs to say the steel plate didn't arrive and it will now be Monday [bANNED TEXT] the operation.  I am a bit Pd off about this but they assure me it will have no negative impact on the healing process.  I just miss her like mad as I haven't seen her since Wed morning and when I left for work she was fine.  People say she is just a dog but to me she is also my best [bANNED TEXT].  I will update next week.
  6. Big Dog222

    Pat with broken leg

    Talked to the vets yesterday. They didn't do the operation as they didn't have small enough steel plate for her leg so hopefully it will happen today. They can't make promises but the vet said if Nell was her dog with this break she would be very happy as where the break is it is the best place to give her a chance to full recovery. The plate will not be near a joint and if she heals well we could take it out latter. In the mean time I have been told to ensure she down scales her life for up to 2 month. She needs to be kept in a cage in the house and I have had to make a gate to fit to the bottom of the stairs to stop her jumping from about 1/2 way up down to the ground floor.
  7. Hi guys. It been a while since i have been on the forum, The lay out has change a bit too. Well the reason I am wanting to chat to you guys is this morning my 2 year old Pat/Parson cross got run over with a car. We live in the country but the road is very busy so it is a full time job making sure the dog can't get out of our enclosed yard. However, we moved some of our bantams to the front garden in a wee cope I made. My wife went out to let them out of the box and took the dog with her. My dog, Nell, has an extra ordinary nose, I think she is 1/2 hound. While the wife was open the cope door, Nell picked up the scent of a fox and took of like a greyhound accross the field straigh out unto the road and got hit with a car. She is going to be in the vets office until Friday. She needs an operation to the front leg which has serveral breaks. They are going to have to put a steel plate on it to hold it together to get it to set. My fear was from what they told my wife it would never knit back, but I have a shooting friend who is a vet and he assures me it will and this procedure is the best for good recovery. Here is what I want to know. Have any of you every had such a break with your terriers and if so did they come back to full spec. Nell is so athletic and will run all day. I just don't want her to jump over a ditch some day and the leg snap. Would value your experience here. I love this littler mut and it seem like a life time to wait until Friday before I will see her. BD PS. The fox was also hit by a car 1/2 up the road so at least she maybe played a roll in killing that one.
  8. I will try this again, seem to loose the original. The attached photos are foxes I shot earier this summer. The 3 shot was early one summer morning with my Steyr Pro-varmint .222, using 50g v-max for the 2 adults and a 40g moly v-max on the club. A farmer contacted me to say he had a fox problem. A 0630hrs visit to a hilly field enabled me to glass and spot the home of his problem within 2 mins. A 30min stalk and dog never knew he was dead. The vixen ran a field length and stopped to look back, another humane kill. I knew the club would return to the home sight so I waited 5 mins and shot it too. I shot the other 4 club about a week earlier while lamping rabbits one evening with my .22LR; al about 25/30yards. The 2nd photo was shot about 2 weeks ago. I shot it with the .222 using a 40g coper coated v-max. You can see this was a humane kill.
  9. Big Dog222

    Bushnell Range Finder

    Guy just to warn you off if you are thinking of purchasing a camera or range finder from www.crazycamers.com I ordered a Bushnell range finder from them. A month later they cancelled my order and said the would refund my card. That was a view weeks ago and no refund. My card was Visa Electron which means they debit the money from my account. Because it is Visa I thought I was protected; wrong, not with the electron. I have emailed them relentlessly and no reply at all. I have reserched the web to see what people have experienced from CRAZYCAMERAS and I wish I had done that before spending £226 with them. Not one review was better that minis. Most people had been burned. So I think I have lost my money so do not buy from CRAZYCAMERAS
  10. Ya Ratattack I agree. I do work a whistle on some controls and will introduce more latter. Good point on she has a good nose. She really is a good fun pup and is working better on a lead. I am finding that the lond 15mtr lead is a blessing and lets me work on stay and heel well without her running off. So Heres hoping I get this right. Usually my dog have always stayed close and getting them to run out ahead was the issues, so this is a first for me. Thanks to all for you help.
  11. Some good advice coming through there. Sorry if I make anybody mad, that is normally your choice but I do agree that I may have gone to the field to early. It not like I have really started to hunt with the dog but I wanted to see if she would pick up and work a scent. She did and bolted bunnies and if I had a gun I shot them. I had her fairly well on domestic basic training and also working on a whistle. However, I take the point and I will keep at the basic training and away from the field. I don't want her not to track as I do want her to track a wounded fox, earth work and if she will do it track a deer to the drop point. So I will work on the basics daily for a while. I do have a collar which I just bought but haven't taken it out of the box yet. It has a beeper and I may use the beeper or vibrator as a total last resort. Here is a question on commands, what do you use on basic commands. For example I use: - Heel to get her to walk beside me and also to come to me. However, there are time I want her to come away from something, get closer to me but I don't need or want her to come right to my heel. The problem is if I do not brind her to heel them I feel I am teaching her a bad habbit; she doesn't alway need to come right to me. So does anyone use 2 commands for these 2 separate things????????????? - Sit = just that - Down = lay down - Stay = just that - No = I don't want her to do that - Leave it = just that I do not want to many basic commands but what would you guys advise. I trained a couple of Springer years ago and I have had terriers that have work very well and obedient; but I am rusty and need to freshen up in my skill too so I do know it is not all the dog. PS. I did go out today and kept her on the 15 mtr leash. I worked her on the basic commands and she was great. That said she is on heat and has been kept out in the kitchen for past 10 days due to bleeding, as someone said this may have help with packing order stuff so I will think these home habit through a bit. I have never trained a dog before when I had kids so I see that this has issues for me as the trainer. Thanks guys and please answer my questions. Regards
  12. Hi guys. Well my Patterdale, Parson Jack pup is a week short of 8 month. She is a great wee dog, energetic and a great nose. She is fairly good on basic trainingstuff but her weakness is coming to heel at time. If she don't want to, she will hold back for a wee while and then come. I feel I can work on this in a demestic situation. However, what I find hard is when we are in the field. I have used a variation of 15 mtr leash and off leash. She will work reasonably well until see gets a scent of the rabbit, fox, rat she is off like a hare tonguing the whole way. It is usually fine in rushes and I have shot most but like yesterday, me and the kids went for a walk beside a nature reserve. It all went well until Nell; the pup, got hot wind of a bunny, 45 mins latter we caught up with her, she must has chased 50 of them. She is leggy and faster than me. so is there a way to keep her more in control?
  13. Big Dog222

    Wildcat verses reflex ??

    Thanks guys all good stuff. From what I have read so far choice between T8 and P8??????? I will be a P8. That's not to say I won't consider the ASE but now I will compare on weight and go with that.. From what I read the 8" version is for .222. Can someone tell me how many baffles that will need??? 4??? Merry Christmas to you all Have a glass of Irish; the black stuff
  14. Guys I have just ordered a new Steyr Pro-Varmint with a two stage technical trigger (special order). I am trading in my old Pro-Hunter Mountian MK2. As both riffles have different moderator threads I am trading in my curret AR Reflex. I am thinking of going for a Wildcat Mod'. It is similar in cost, is take downable""" and light. AS I have 2 Reflex I want to know what is the experience out there on the Wildcat???? What are are the fors?????????????? What are the againsts????????????? Thanks you wildcats
  15. Big Dog222

    Lee Classic Loader Kit in 222

    Try the links below. I bought all my reloading kit from both of these supplies but there are in the states. Cabelas will not sending you anything like dies (loads bullers) but they will send you everything else. It a law in the states. However, Natchezs will send you anything. Both store are competitively priced. I have a Lee Clasic 4 hole turet Press - like it. I have .222 and 6.5x55 Deluxe Dies And you need all the other bit state. So if it is Dies you need in .222 Natchezs have them. NOTE> I find their website a bit funny to get through. Call them, I alway place my order over the phone and indeed will be placing one tonight. The number rings a bit funny and it seem very quite when they answer, like it is in somebody bed room but they are great to talk to and will advise you. Ask them for a hard copy catalogue as it is very comprehensive. Hope this helps. Oh, remember you have to pay tax and import duty. But this can still be cheaper than buying here. http://www.natchezss.com/ http://www.cabelas.com/ I hope you get what you want..............