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  1. Fine litter of pups there jigsaw, be very hard to take the pick of them
  2. That's just sickening... You really can't be too careful
  3. Where did you find the Dober-doodle? Best of luck with him jigsaw, hope he works out for you
  4. f**k sake jiggy! I nearly spilled my cider at the thoughts of that....
  5. Is the black pup a border cross? Looks a right one
  6. freem

    Foa: Jigsaw..

    Happy birthday Liam.. . I hope the fire brigade was on stand by when the candles were lit
  7. Sure thing liam, hope to get to a few of them this year - the young lad must surely have his provisional licence by now ?
  8. wasn t being flippant earlier,fair play to you for sticking to the task glad she s out ,but sometimes you really have to wait and pray,atb Higgins. Not a bother higgins, that is sound advice for sure it was hard slog, but came good in the end
  9. Sorry to hear that jiggy, thats rough out Keep the faith liam
  10. Yeah, she had to be broke out - but she is doing well , shes curled up in her bed now exhausted
  11. Thanks for all the offers of help and advice. .. bitch is finally out , she hasn't a scratch on her - that was 12 foot of pure hardship
  12. Wish it was just a question - bitch ran to an earth in a woods the other day when out for a run , I am down 9 foot but the bottom of the dig is solid rock and bitch is another 3 foot further still
  13. Thanks higgins but I'm not much use at either - brute force and ignorance all the way
  14. Guys, if you are digging and you come across a layer of rock - 6 foot road bar bounces off it and you have no edge to chip away at.... what do you do? And no, holemaster is not an option!
  15. he looks a fine dog, hope you can get the work for him - distinct lack of game here too compared to other years
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