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  1. The scopes on the one buying are nikko sterling 4-12x50 with AO
  2. Thanks lads I'm gonna get it sounds worth getting thanks slot
  3. Yeah the gun looks cracking I'm taking it out tonight for a test so hopefully I'll be buying it Iv used loads of springers mainly pcps tho and the recoil should be a bit different lol
  4. Yer that's correct im just wondering if it worth buying I'm currently looking into getting my fac the Rifle will be kept at friends house on an estate in gun cabinet I'm just wodering if they're any good and worth the money as im used to pcps
  5. Right lads Iv recently wrapped in with the dogs im looking at a tx200 mk3 tuned to 16lb pressure just want some info on this gun pro's and cons the guns in immaculate condition he wants 250 for it is it worth the money
  6. Thanks I think I'll have to take the old girl out me and my partner have just moved in together with our little boy so hopefully get her fit and maybe get next season out of her to I'll give the dog her due since iv had her she's been through the wars with a few things I can't mention also has fought threw parvo or at least I think it was the point is she's a tough dog and very strong headed and loyal and has been the best dog iv owned thanks for all the advice and positive opinions iv taken it all in my stride and can't wAit to get her out x
  7. Thanks a car hit her I took the pot off myself after 7 weeksits been almost 12months the dog doesn't run any different at all the dogs my companion always look after my dogs if it can be fixed no point in putting her down it was my own fault for slipping her near a road thanks lads the battery's on charge now first time in a year looking forward to it
  8. How many of you would run a dog after its broke its leg mine broke its leg a year ago and I ain't ran her since I want to get her fit again and run her on some pretty flat terrain it was a clean break it was roughly half way between her knee knuckle and her shoulder joint her speed and agility hasn't reall been affected I'm just worried it could break why she twists and turn on runs she's a old dog about 8 but last season was probably the best iv ever saw her run I just want to bunny bash with her what's everyone's thoughts on this
  9. loads up ther like see loads ther next year i hope iv bein putting nuts out for them and just sitting about 30yrds away and shooting them
  10. rws excalibur 22 pcp nice gun to shoot with like deals with them one shot
  11. new spot in the woods near mine be spendin few hours ther this year loads of the things running around
  12. erm its black plastic stock mate
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