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  1. pure finnish

    samsung J700 mobile phone

    I have a samsung J700 mobile phone here in excellent condition open to all networks it comes with charger I am wanting £20 P&P free
  2. pure finnish

    Wahl dog clippers

    I have a set of Wahl Crufts Dog Clipper with Accessories for sale they have only been used a couple of times in excellent condition . Great for terriers and other dogs.They come in ther own case . I am wanting £17 for them they cost me £40. P&P free if interested pm me
  3. pure finnish

    terrier book

  4. pure finnish

    stripping knives

  5. pure finnish

    stripping knives

    I have 2 stripping knives here for sale one new german mars is for right handed one Nikki knife both are excellent for rough coated terriers £10 free postage pm if interested
  6. pure finnish

    terrier book

    I have for sale a brand new copy The middleton strain by Gary middleton £10 free postage pm if interested
  7. pure finnish

    Triple terrier box for sale

    I have a DD products triple terrier boxs for sale its in excellent condition the size is 36 x18x18. it comes with 3 water proof bed liners I am wanting 45 pound for it I am in the north east pm if interested
  8. pure finnish

    out today

    Nice terriers you got there [bANNED TEXT]
  9. pure finnish

    local ratpack

    Count me in mate. Got a few good dogs .
  10. pure finnish

    Patterdale pup

    Very nice pup mate.
  11. pure finnish

    the dogs

    Dogs looking well mate.
  12. pure finnish

    Tilly and Friends

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahah your having a laugh ???? Surly ???? Where is the resemblence ??? Toonarmy ???? I have four bitches direct from Toonarmy Leazes himself....your either sniffing your dog turd or own mongrels yourself P Smith
  13. pure finnish

    spaniel commands

    Get yourself a decent spaniel training boo and some training dvd's...they'll have what you need to know P Smith
  14. pure finnish

    ESS Bramble

    Excellent looking dogs, what they should look like P Smith
  15. pure finnish

    Tilly and Friends

    Ive been breeding English Springers for 23 yrs, the two acros the middle of the photo look like theyre well bred, the dog at the back looks like a springer x setter and the bitch sitting at the front looks more like a sprocker than a springer i wouldnt be proud to own those 2, just my opinion P Smith