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  1. Nice one ! What gun did you use though? (im always interested lol) ATB I have a CZ 452 American, 17hmr firing federal v shok ammo, and after yeaterday evening add on anuda 29 bunnies. Thats 76 so far this week
  2. I use them, have ones by eley and cci. I wouldnt use them through a mod. My experience with them is that ten yards is the limit of their effectiveness, shooting any further just pisses the rat off. I always try to set my self up firing at about five yards away, but thats not always possible. And I tend to take the scope off and use the rifle like a shot gun.
  3. conormc


    I got a Harris 9-13 swivel on Sat, have been out the past three evenings and have to say it does the job. Cant really say much else as its the first bipod ive owned
  4. Thanks to all, for the advice on the bipod. Got a Harris 9-13 swivel on sat so the new kit was complete. Took it out the past three evenins after work and have accounted for 47 rabbits so far over the one farm
  5. If you have a .22lr you could try the .22 cartridge, although I have found u wont kill a rat after 8-10 yards with them
  6. The cartridge was all I had as I said I wasnt out for a fox happened on him by chance when scouting for pigeons. At 9yards i dont think it would make a difference. If i was going for foxes I would use a heavier load, still good advice, cheers.
  7. Went to check out a field for some pigeon decoying the other day. It was dead calm, clear and sunny. When I entered the field I didnt see one pigeon but spotted a fox out sunning himself to the right of the field on a brow. I dropped my jacked and binoculars and took off down the ditch at a steady pace. He never even woke an Eley Olypic Trap 28gr 7 1/2 to the head. Afterwards feeling rather pleased I sat hidden in the top corner of the field on pigeon watch. After half an hour or so something caught my eye in the bottom corner of the field. Two mink. I didnt even know I could run that fast!
  8. Thanks lads, im gonna go for the 9-13 swivel. Next mission finding somewhere to purchase it outside the rip-off republic.
  9. Definitely crows. A rook is slightly smaller than a crow, has a large grey colour beak with a bare patch of skin under it, and baggy feathers on its legs, looks like its wearing trousers, a crow has feathers on its legs but thre tidier looking. Well done though
  10. Cheers lads, out again tomorrow morn before work see how it goes. There gonna be fair wary after getting a good roasting the weekend, gonna try the caller never even brought it the last day
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