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  1. Put up 14 on saturday and 27 on sunday alot of birds in here in the west of ireland mate put up 33 on sunday not far from us good proportion are juvenile birds as well which is positive to see
  2. i read an article in the sporting gun there recently about shooting branchers and it mentioned the use of a low powered rifles for this purpose surely if it wasnt safe they wouldnt be condoning the use of such rifles
  3. I am looking for a rifle that i can use for shooting magpies and crows out of trees what rifle would be safe to use in this situtation
  4. what backward steps could people suggest 18 mth old ess first day out with snipe that was just clipped . had him retrieving duck on evening flights had no problem with winged birds then, but they were not running as such
  5. that will do me nicely thanks for that lads
  6. i was offered a t8 mod off a .243 and was told that it will fit my .223 527 when i have it threaded. Im not particularly familiar with mods so am not sure is this possible, can anybody shed some light on this subject
  7. first woodcock just in, place is alive with snipe im starting to get a little bit excited now
  8. I will pull back now for sure and see how we go with the cold game for a while thanks all
  9. he was trying to take off alright but when he did catch him he wouldnt let him go i had to prize his jaws apart to get the bird off him
  10. as the title suggests i had my 16 month ess out at the weekend and he caught a young pheasant and pretty much gripped him very tightly i had to ring its neck as its back leg was shagged. Has anybody got any suggestions as to where to go from here. Also could this turn him hard mouthed or is that related to something else thanks in advance
  11. he dosent get anything till the presentation is perfect i was conscious of that alright when giving them to him and i have no problems with him spitting the dummy fingers cross
  12. praise the lord finally making progress what i finally got to work was putting him sitting with the dummy in his mouth and calling him in to me, hopefully we will be able to move on from this point thanks all for your suggestion
  13. my nine month old springer when retrieving he does everything fine till it comes to the delivery he keeps running around in circles just in front of me. very frustrating what would be the best plan of attack
  14. silence reigns once again he barked once since i put him in his run and one squirt in the face and nothing since. I never expected a result as quick as that brilliant thanks all
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