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  1. I use photobucket for mine, and use the clip and paste from site.
  2. Thats for approved members to get their posts up, you are next level up "Verified" post in that section. The whole site is set up so that you get to see it in three stages, Newbie, Approved and Verified.
  3. when you go on next, I've put it on but I'm still sorting some code out in the background, Ive sorted your membership out and you should have all the access needed now. Sign in and take a look, let me know if there's a problem.
  4. as above, send me your email and ill sort at my end
  5. we had a lot of trouble with unsolicited mail from that site, send me your email on here and ill sort it
  6. Click on broadcast message to admin, that will send your email to me pal
  7. Cant see anything James, apart from a James who registered yesterday, try again or let me know your email on here via PM
  8. Thats a personal favourite pastime of mine, I love to outsmart the little grey buggers! And they taste amazing on the barbecue too, so its a double whammy on that one!!
  9. If you send me your email I can link you up and send details back with the email link.
  10. To be fair it has been so quiet on there, so sad really, it used to be such a popular site, huge footfall of people and regular get together a at shows. It took me nearly 12 months to contact John, the original builder of the site, we talked and he explained that he didn’t have the time to put into the site. That’s when he gave me the reigns to push it forward, I’ve tried to keep the idiots off, and stopped the usual mailings from sex sites etc. We get about one new member every 2 weeks, but because the site only has a few of its original members and a few regular posters, people tend to move
  11. 8 yards seems a very strange windage check, but each to there own, I always set my air rifles at 30-35 yards, if i was closer than that i would just hit them with my walking stick!!
  12. I joined this site many moons ago, and probably only read the posts, so it looks like I was deleted.....if only i could do the same with my ex wife!! Im a Lancashire lad who is into all sorts of outdoor pursuits, fishing, rabbiting and shooting mainly, feel free to ask any questions, I'm always happy to help
  13. It is a great site, but due to a lot of internet faults it went down for a long time, in this time many people left, which was a shame because it was a very lively place. Ive spent the last 12 months deleting old members and rebuilding the site, all the information is still there but only a few members left. If you want to take a look and maybe rejoin, then please do, its always nice to see people you see on other sites. I can't say it will be as great as this site, due to its lower footfall, but its a friendly place to doth your cap and put your feet up when you need a natter. I hop
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